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The sport betting craze we have been experiencing these last few years has become a global phenomenon. Recent studies show that show adults between the ages of 20 and 30 are now spending more time with sportsbooks than they are with video games, a sudden shift in behavior from the past decade.

Blame Fantasy Sports for this new driven passion in gambling in the pre-millennial generation, as they consider fantasy betting a graduation from video games. It tests their skills and knowledge in sports but still remains very similar to playing a sports video game online with the added value that instead of earning play currency they can actually earn real money.

United States is probably the country to popularize sports betting with its wide coverage of the betting world in sports like the NFL, MLB and NBA. The Super Bowl receives special worldwide attention with more than a billion viewers around the world. For a country that prohibits gambling in almost all states but Nevada the importance media gives sports betting is staggering.

The United Kingdom is another country where sports betting reached the level of America with the main difference that here the practice couldn’t be more free and accepted by authorities from coast to coast. If you love football in the UK then you probably have placed an online wager at least once. It is an honor for the British to claim they are season ticket holders and brag about their punter skills on betting sites.

The importance these two countries gives the art of sports betting have spread the passion for the practice worldwide. The English Premier League rose to international popularity in the past 4 decades with clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea exploding with fans around the world, mainly from Africa and Asia, as they reached the top places in world football during certain period in time.

Eastern Europe has not been immune to sports betting either. The passion for football is in the air in countries like Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Both countries received international recognition with their national teams at certain points, the Czech for example had one of the best teams in history during the 2003 – 2004 Euro Cup season with fantasy players that conformed the best attack at the moment. It was disappointing when they failed to overcome Greece during the 2004 Euro Cup semi-finals, they deserved that title.

Sports betting in this part of the world has slowly become accepted and adopted by the younger and tech savvy crowd. They follow professional tipsters from the UK and their own countries on tipster blogs like the Slovak, were tipsters can register to post their tips and picks and contest for real money prizes that sportsbooks oriented to these countries award.

Nasetipy, Free Tipster Service for Eastern Europe

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Nasetipy is a free tipster service in Slovak that focus their services for the countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic mainly. The site covers a wide range of sports that go from football, tennis, golf, races, horse racing, fighting and more.

There are few sites in Eastern Europe that offer tipster services and Nasetipy is one of the best. With a ranking system they showcase their best performing tipsters on the top so those wanting to take betting tips can benefit from their success. The entire history of the betting tips is posted on their site for transparency and betting advice is given to the beginner.

How Much Does the Tipster Service Cost?

Everything is free with Nasetipy! Betting tips, discussions, statistics of bets, match analyses, game previews and basic information about betting.

The Tipsters

Anyone can become a tipster with Nasetipy by registering on their site, the 5 top performing in the rank will receive prizes from betting companies.

“Estonian” is their top ranking tipster so far with 24% in ROI during actual season.. Check out his stats and other tipsters.

Arbitrage Betting, the Most Used Softwares in Eastern Europe

A betting technique that is extremely popular in Eastern Europe is Arbitrage Betting, a system that eliminates all possible losses from sports betting by taking opposite bets from two different  sportsbooks on the same event. The popularity in this part of the world is probably because most of these softwares have been created on Eastern countries.

OddStorm and Rebel Betting are the two most used softwares and both were developed on this side of the world.