Monster Energy Supercross

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Location: California Coliseum and Phoenix Stadium

Dates: January 23th, 30th and February 06th of 2016

What time: 12:00pm and 6pm till late at night

Ticket Price Range: $15 to $75

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Going to the Super Bowl 50? If you are then here is an event you don´t want to miss out before Game Day, the Monster Energy Supercross Championship. 3 races on three different weeks in California just before the Super Bowl. Ticket prices are cheap and for all venues, including special giveaways for just a few lucky fans that buy their ticket early on January, for the privilege to earn special tours on dirt track or to see the opening show right from the level ground beside the winners podium. These and many other treats are available for early buying fans.

Moto cross is considered the most exciting and challenging action sport. Difficult acrobatics and physical demands make it a thrill to watch live. The show will be accompanied by amazing fireworks and other visual effects. The main event kicks starts at 6:00pm each night, but a Pit Pass is also offered for free at 12:00pm. All you need to do is bring an empty can of Monster Energy to the Pit Gates and you are ready to go!

Here is the promo for the main event:

January 23th – Monster Energy Round #3

Location: California

Pit Pass Entrance: 12:00pm

Main Event: 6:30 till 10:00pm

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The first round of races before the Super Bowl and the final championship begins January 23th in California. If you plan to be 2 weeks early for the Super Bowl in California, or happen to be a resident of the state, then buy your ticket now to reserve your spot at any of the different venues.

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How to Claim a Pit Pass

To claim a Pit Pass ticket all you need to do is bring with you an empty can of Monster Energy to the Pit Entrance with your main event ticket. If you do not have any Monster Energy can with you, then purchase the Pit Pass for just $10 from any of our ticket sellers.

Pit Pass is a special tour around the dirt track were you can watch motocross drivers tune up and practice from 12:00pm till 5:00pm. Take photos and autographs from your favorite stars and watch how final details are adjusted in the main track.

Tickets for Monster Energy SuperCross

Opening Ceremony Supercross

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VIP: $75.00 – Enjoy the show from privileged seats near the main track and well centered. These special seats include nearby access to exclusive food and drink stands and bathrooms. Seat with other VIP’s and feel safe while you watch the best of motocross fling right in front of you. The experience is well worth the low price.

Club: $50.00 – Be close by the main action with low seats. Feel the fireworks heat your face and the roar of the motorcycles and the shoot to the sky. No details of the race will be missed from this positions.

Mid-Level: $40.00 – Mid level stand tickets, watch the event from a safe distance and close enough to tell race details.

Lower View: $35.00 – Cheap tickets to enjoy he show from a comfortable position.

300 Level: $25.00 – Discount tickets to watch the show from the highest level. You will see a full view of the race track.

Super Value: $15.00 – For the lowest price possible you can enjoy 4 hours of action.

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Final Round – January 30th

Monster Energy Motocross

Place: Coliseum, Oakland, CA

Pit Pass Entrance: 12:00pm

Main Event: 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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The second circuit of the Monster Energy Supercross will take place the 30th of January in California. The day after is the Super Bowl Opening Night, Monday 01 of February, so plan a great tour around Super Bowl events previous to Game Day. Both the moto cross event and Opening Night are two of the most inexpensive events of all with ticket prices below $100 for the best seats.

Pit Pass tickets can also be acquired for online purchase or by taking an empty can of Monster. Entrance begins at 12:00pm.

Championship Day – February 06th

Location: University of Phoenix Stadium

Pit Pass Entrance: 12:00pm

Main Event: 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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The final grand championship will happen just one day before the Super Bowl on the nearby city of Phoenix. This event offers special tickets for early buyers that can get a very special treatment during the event. All you need to do is be an early bird.

Here is some inside action of what the final championship could look like:

Buy your Super Bowl 50 Tickets

If the Super Bowl is in your agenda plans but you still do not have a ticket, then purchase one right now through our online vendors. Hurry, or prices will keep rising as the events comes near.

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Ticket Prices for the Final Championship

Front Row Club Level: $85.00 – Seat in the front row and receive the VIP treatment. Not only do you get to see the live action right in front of your eyes, with fireworks going off as the riders fly past, but you get special access to exclusive bathroom, food and drinks.

VIP Gold Circle: $65 – VIP tickets very close to the central action and special access to exclusive food and drink stations. Watch from a close position.

Gold Circle: $50 – Right in the middle lower seats that provide a special view to the main event.

Extreme Seats and Super Saver: $40 and $20 – Low price ticket options to enjoy the show from upper level seats.

Kids Super Saber: $10 – Bring the tickets for a discount price and enjoy quality time with the family.

Special Tickets

Walk the track Monster Energy Motocross

There are 3 main special events that real fans can take advantage from. The first is a tour around the main circuit under the guidance of an insider. He will answer questions about the main championship and the details about building the race track.

Be right on the floor for the opening ceremony. Only a lucky few will have the privilege to be right beside the winners podium and see the fireworks go off from the most exclusive place possible.

Say hi, happy birthday or I love you from the central light panel during the interlude.

How to Subscribe for these special tickets

All you need to do is:

  1. Purchase an early ticket through one of our online sellers offering the event.
  2. Subscribe to any of the special tickets through this app, sign up with name, email and other personal details.
  3. A representative or email will notify you is you have qualified for any of the special tickets, more information below.

Track Walk the Main Circuit

A tour around the main track with a specialized tour guide that will explain how the race was designed. Fans can asks questions and take pictures. Only 25 people can access to this special ticket, so buy your ticket now.

Podium Seats for the Opening Ceremony

Stand right next to the winner’s podium when the open ceremony happens. Riders will enter at full speed right next to you as their names are announced and fireworks shoot out from the ground. It is an incredible experience that no other VIP ticket could purchase. Only 10 fans can secure their podium seat, so buy your ticket now.

Say I Love You to the Entire Crowd

If you want your special message to be announced during the recess, then participate on the app for one of the 25 people that can do so. The message will be shown through the mega light board of the stadium.

More Super Bowl Events

You can attend other Super Bowl events like the Playboy Party, and the Rolling Stones Mega concert, both happening just before the Monster Energy Supercross. Other events for this same night include Taste of the NFL and the DirecTV & Pepsi live shows.