And Finally! The complete Adidas Manchester United Break Expectations Commercial is out! Click on the Youtube video to watch:

Here was last week´s second part, a teaser were only the trident is shown. It makes it clear this is a Manchester United advert, but what is the trident for? Watch the video:

It has been going around everywhere, a video game looking devil trident that sweeps a floor of color glass. It is the promo of a new Adidas – Manchester United campaign, and it looks its going to make an impact this opening season of the Premier League.

There isn´t much to see really, but if they wanted to generate expectations they got it. Lets wait and see.

Manchester United Kit Launch

Apparently the new campaign has to do with the launch of Manchester United´s football kit, and the new Adidas boots will be the main stars. The Kit hits stores this Saturday.

Here was part 1 of the promo camapaign, it introduced the trident in a animated gif, watch the video:

Part 2 offers very little, just a Manchester United player holding part of the Trident:

*Talking about Manchester United what has been the latest regarding Thomas Muller transfer?