Jackpots provide you with the opportunity to win big from low stakes, for example, a stake of KSH 20 with a possible win of KSH 2.6 million.

Jackpot bonuses occur when you are given prizes when a part of your predictions didn’t match the outcome.

Below, we are going to looking at betting sites in Kenya with jackpots, the amount you can win, the minimum stake and the type of jackpots in each bookie.


In betting, particularly in jackpot betting, strategy is everything. It is now proven that you can win on betting sites in Kenya with jackpots by consistently strategizing your outcomes.

Buying one ticket for just a game doesn’t usually cut it as earnings would be significantly lower unless you hit really big without extreme underdogs winning. That is depending on sheer luck to win the jackpot. For professional bettors, investment and intention are much greater than that. They employ the strategy of covering most outcomes (around 33% of the outcomes) possible.

A jackpot with 5 games would require that you get 3 tickets for each game to cover all possible outcomes, which means you would get 3 tickets five times for the game, making 243 tickets. A jackpot with 7 matches would require 2,187 tickets while one with 12 matches, 6,561 tickets.

Winning requires extensive investment and not luck. Also, it is common to find professionals teaming up in groups to minimize ticket expenses. In doing so, they are also reducing variety.

Professionals pick the most number of obvious games and then try to cover all the possible outcomes on the remaining ones. If Liverpool was playing against say Burnley and our obvious win was 1, the betting tipsters would pick 1 in all tickets.

Thereafter, they’d work towards getting the most possible outcomes in the remaining fixtures. This calls for keenness so as to be lucky on apparent winner games and to cover the rest of 33% of possible outcomes.

The aim is to use your betting chances to choose the most possible outcomes that will be correct in the end, increasing your chances of making correct predictions.

1. SportyBet Kenya

SportyBet Kenya

This one of the best betting sites in Kenya, Sportybet offers a weekly Jackpot, there are also gifts is your predictions did not match the results completely.

SportyBet have become popular very quickly and have a weekly jackpot with a bonus of KES 5,000,000.

The minimum stake is KES 50 and you need to correctly predict the FT score for 11 matches.

However, there are Prizes for 11 and 10 correct predictions.

SportyBet have a first deposit bonus of up to KES1000 in gifts.

About SportyBet Jackpot and Features

SportyBet Jackpot consists of 12 pre-selected matches that you have to predict in order to win the Ksh 5 Million from SportyBet. If you predict 10 or 11 matches correctly, you will get big prizes bonuses from SportyBet. The stake for the Jackpot is only Ksh 50.


The Jackpot staking slip comes with an option to predict various outcomes for each match, each time you add a new different outcome for a match, a new bet slip is created hence increasing your bet stake amount by Ksh 50.

Placing of bet is usually up to Saturday 17:00 Kenyan time, the results, wins and gifts are published on sportybet on Mondays afternoon.

Jackpot Rush

This feature allows you to have random bets selected. You can add more selection after choosing the jackpot rush, this will however add the amount by 50 bob for each combination added.

As you can see above, SportyBet is worth trying, visit the bookie and place your bet to have your win.

2. Betway


Betway a popular bookie among Kenyan wagers offers various Jackpots and names them ‘Betway pool of Jackpots’.

These jackpots are available on weekly basis and allow you to win a range of Ksh 450,00 to Ksh 100 million, some Betway Jackpot options also come with bonuses.

List of jackpots on Betway

Below is a look at jackpots on Betway.

The Colossus

In seven pre-fixed fixtures, predict all of them correctly and win Ksh 100 million. If you predict 3 and below matches wrong, you will still be eligible for a huge bonus/prizes from Betway.

Pick 13

In this Jackpot which Betway claims to be the most popular in Kenya, in the jackpot, you have to predict 13 matches correct and win millions.

Pick 15

With this Jackpot option, you stand a chance to win big if you choose it and predict the provided 15 pre fixed matches correctly.

Pick six

This is a simple Jackpot from Betway, all you need to do is pick 6 matches correct and win big. If you pick three and below wrongly, you will still have a chance to win.

3. Betika

BetikaBetika jackpots are awesome and big, you have a chance of winning up to Ksh 100 Million. The bookie also offers bonuses if you predict most of the games correctly.

Betika jackpots and features

There are various jackpots that are available on Betika, the site offers you enhanced features to help you win. Below is a look at this.

Grand Jackpot

This is the biggest jackpot that offers you a big win of Ksh 100 million.

Midweek Jackpot

This is the most popular Jackpot in Betika, you will have to predict 15 matches correctly to win Ksh 15 million with only a stake of Ksh 15. You get bonuses if you predict 12,13 and 14 matches correctly.

Daily Jackpot

This is a golden opportunity to win Ksh 500, 000 for a stake of 10 bob to 1 million for a stake of 20 bob from Betika through a daily Jackpot. The matches that you have to predict are three.


This a special feature from Betika that allows you to add multiple predictions on One bet, the maximum combination is three. The amount for a combination bet is calculated by the formula 2n x 15 see full details over here.

Betika also allows you to place as many Jackpot predictions as possible.

4. Mozzart bet


Mozart bet comes with a possible win of ksh 10 million which is daily and the stake is ksh 50 Bob. The matches that you should have to predict correctly are 13.

Mozzartbet have a jackpot bonus of KES 10,000,000, weekly.

The minimum stake is KES 50 and there are 13 matches.

What is interesting about the Mozzartbet Jackpot, is that they have one daily.

5. Ligibet


Ligibet is a pure Jackpot site, you can stake your jackpot anytime any day on Ligibet.

Ligibet has a daily jackpot with 10 matches. You need to choose the total number of goals scored in the match to win the bonus of Ksh 1500,000, and it only costs Ksh 20 to enter.

Jackpots in Ligibet

There are different Jackpots options on Ligibet, see them below.

Ligibet 13

This option gives the option to win 11.5 million when you predicted the number of goals a team is going to win after 90 mins in 13 teams. The stake amount is Ksh 100. You will get bonuses between Ksh 100 to Ksh 100,000 for correct predictions of six to twelve matches.

Ligibet 10

This Jackpot option allows you to choose 10 teams scores in 90 minutes and win 1.5 million if all are correct. The stake for this is Ksh 20. You will get bonuses between Ksh 100 and Ksh 50,000 if you predict 6 t0 9 matches correctly.

Ligibet 5

To win the Ligibet 5 Jackpot, you will win Ksh 5000 if you predict 5 matches scores rightly. The stake amount is 20 bob. You will also get bonuses between Ksh 100 bob and Ksh 1,000 for 3 to 4 predictions correct scores predictions.

6. Betin


Betin have 1 jackpot per week, and keep the jackpot bonus the same all the time, at KES 20,000,000.

It costs KES 99 minimum stake (more if you want to make multiple selections), and there are 13 matches in the jackpot.

There are Jackpot Consolation prizes for 11 and 12 correct match predictions.

Betin are currently running a first deposit bonus of 100% up to KES 5000.

7. Sportpesa


Sportpesa has 2 weekly Jackpots. The first is called the Midweek Jackpot, and the second is called the Mega Jackpot.

Both jackpot bonuses change depending on the number of entries as well as whether it is a rollover or not, but the midweek bonus is typically KES 10,000,000 and the mega is typically KES 120,000,000+.

The minimum stake for both is KES 100, and they have the following number of matches – midweek (13), mega (17).

Consolation prizes are for correct answers for 10, 11 and 12 matches (midweek) and 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 matches (Mega).

8. Betlion


Betlion has 2 weekly jackpots, with the main one on a Saturday called their Goliath Jackpot.

Betlion launched this jackpot as the Sportpesa Mega Jackpot killer, with a jackpot bonus of KES 350,000,000.

They also matched their minimum stake of KES 100, but there are 20 matches that you need to predict correctly in order to win the bonus.

Betlion does offer some consolation prizes which are:

  • 19 of 20 Correct – A share of KSh 5,000,000
  • 18 of 20 Correct – A share of KSh 1,000,000
  • 17 of 20 Correct – A share of KSh 500,000
  • 16 of 20 correct – A free bet into next week’s jackpot