Single bets, or straight bets, are the most common and used type of bet in football, including the Euro Cup.

As its name implies this is a bet for the winner. If your team wins the match you win the bet! Simple.

The process may sound simple in itself, but if this is your first time placing an online bet this walkthrough on how to place a single bet on the Euro Cup should be of a lot of help.

Walkthrough to Place a Single Bet with Bet365

  1. Open an Account with Bet365 – Or any other sportsbook, but Bet365 is the suggested site for beginners as it is the most widely used around the world, it has one of the best support channels and availability of bets.

With some more experience a sports bettor will usually open multiple sportsbook accounts to enjoy the free First Deposit bonus offered by most sportsbooks.

  1. After opening a betting account, deposit some funds. Bet365 offers a 100% First Deposit Bonus up to £100 pounds. So by depositing £100 you will begin with a total account of £200.
  1. To select a bet find the sport you want to bet on. For the Euro Cup select “Soccer” on the left side scroll menu. Scroll a little downwards to find it.

Walkthrough to bet on soccer on bet365

Note: The UEFA Euro Cup will most probably be the main event for all sportsbooks once it begins, so quick access to bets should appear on the main menu with photos.

  1. There are several options here that might fall under the Euro Cup straight bet category. Before the Euro Cup begins “Outright” bets will appear at the top-right corner of the menu. Click on it and find the Euro Cup.

Outrigth bets with Bet365

Here you can select who the “Outright” winner of the Euro Cup will be. The odds appear in fractional format, if you desire to change them on the top right corner of your screen a scroll down menu called “Odds Fractional” can be toggled to change the odd type to decimal or American, whatever format you favor most.

Place an Euro Cup Bet with Bet365

IMPORTANT: Odds by this point could be alien to you. To understand how to read them, what odds favor one team and which are long shots, and what the payout could be your stake, then read our guide of how to understand betting odds for the Euro Cup.

Although there is no need to know how to calculate odds, just select the bet you desire and it will appear on the bet slip on the right. Place your stake and the payout will appear. Select more bets if you desire to add them to the bet slip and click on “Place Bet”.

How to use Bet365 Bet Slip

  1. A more common bet will be “Group Betting”, back on the same menu that you found “Outright Bets”. On our photo walkthrough example you can see the Qualifying Group Stages as we are still one year before the Euro Cup. But once the tournament begins the Euro Group bets will appear here.

How to place Group Bets with Bet365

Basically you are betting on which national teams will qualify to the next round. It is very important to play attention to the date and time the “Book Closes” so you know till when the bets will be open. Odds might also change as time goes by, so if you have a clear decision on a bet do not hesitate and bet early for the best odds.

Placing a Bet on Bet365

That is all you have to do to place a Single bet for the UEFA Euro Cup. More betting options will be available, including In Over/Under bets and Accumulators.

ADVICE: If you are betting on a super-favorite who is a sure-win the payout is most likely too low. Like for a £20 bet you might just win £10 or less. You can take these type of bets and increase your payout by including them in accumulators or “Doubles”.

Doubles will take your winning amount and bet the full amount, in this case £30 on your next sure-bet. Keep betting the full stake + win amount on daily bets for the entire week to cash-out a big amount after a stake of just £20.

Pro-tipsters like Matador and Betting Buddha on Twitter publish these types of bets for free or for a very small fee a month. They call it the “1 Week 1 Grand Challenge”, and they constantly cash-out £1 Grand several times a year risking a small amount on In Play and Pre Match.  

We hope you enjoyed this walkthrough on how to place a single bet on the Euro Cup and let the force be with you!