Euro Cup Betting

The Euro Cup is the second biggest football international competition in the World right after the World Cup. And although there are several other continental championships like the Euro; America Cup, African Cup and Asia etc.

The Euro Cup not only unites some of the most powerful football national teams but it is also the most watched and expected of all the continental tournaments.

On this event punters should follow popular leagues more closely to understand how the key players from each nation are performing.

Following are a few tips on how to bet on the Euro Cup, including were to gather info like player stats, how to filter value bets using several pro tipster websites, and pro tipsters to follow during the Euro Cup.

Then basics of placing bets online is explained for those who are new to sports betting online like which are the best sites to bet on the Euro Cup depending on your nationality and how to manage a proper bankroll with an initial investment of £100 pounds.

How to filter Euro Cup Value Bets

To filter out the best Euro Cup bets of the day the first thing you need to do is follow a trusted punter, unless you desire to learn how to handicap bets yourself.

For those who want to follow the advice of pros this is easy to do on Twitter and Facebook but for Inplay Bets Twitter is highly recommended.

Social Media punters can be found online almost every day at every time. Early in the day they post their intention of placing some bets near the evening, and as most pro football punters tend to be in the UK you better adjust to that time zone. If you are living in America or Latin America then turn on your Twitter after noon and the afternoon, as games in Europe occur during that time span. Asians will have to get up really early or stay up late around the early hours of a day.

On this site you will be able to find Pre Match and In Play tips for free to get your bets going. We rely on betting advice from some of the best footy tipsters on the web.

Pre Match and In Play Euro Cup Bets

Pre Match are your regular bets, you place the bet before the match begins. Most pro punters prefer In Play´s, and there is a reason for that. With Pre Match bets all your analysis for a game can be screwed as players receive injury during practice and the manager has to change tactics. But many Pre Match betting is still done by great punters with amazing results.

In Play´s on the other hand can be placed at any moment during the match, but the main difference is that the odds will shift at every second of the game as events occur making it more likely for a team to score, win or lose. Professional punters prefer In Play bets as they can monitor more precisely the likelihood of an outcome to occur, like the next goal, a draw or an over score.

Follow our Free Daily Tips to receive Pre Match betting tips for the Euro Cup and follow our twitter to get daily live In Play bets.

Tipster to Follow for the Euro Cup

Best Tipsters Social Media

Football Betting Tip – @FootballBet10:  This account has many advantages as they filter football bets, both football and American Football, from several pro punters that are on several social media account.

They publish their tips on Twitter, Facebook and Google + as well as on their own website. You can follow their performance on their blog and subscribe for email betting tips, all for free.

Ganador VIP – @VipGanador: It is not Free but it comes at a low cost of £10 a month. A purely In Play daily account of which we publish some of their In Play bets for free on our twitter account.

Ganador Vip is composed of a team of punters with a huge career in sports betting. We constantly publish their success rate every month, so check them out before you decide to follow.

Betting Buddha Tips – @Betting_Buddha: This punter from the UK is mainly on Twitter and he shares his daily tips every afternoon. Every week he conducts a  £20 to £1,000 challenge, turning £20 pounds in £1,000 by accumulating “doubles” on sure bets. You can also find many of Betting Buddha´s Pre Match tips on our Free Daily Tips section.

Doubles or Accumulator bets are a series of bets that are grouped together, once you win the first £20 bet your next selection will be for £20 + winnings, let say £35. And so on, until your stake keeps rising until you reach the £1,000. Betting Buddha tends to nail the competition at least once a month, making many followers loyal as dogs.

Data Mining for Euro Cup Bet Selections

Tipster and punters are a great short cut your way to betting selections, but we suggest you use them as a filter and maybe for In Play betting. It is always better to develop you own betting skills and system, in the end every person has its betting psychology. Some are more conservative than others and will prefer to bet only on Super Value Bets, others might take many bets a day on several sports and win/lose to hope and make a bigger winning ration than a losing one.

We suggest to take the conservative approach, filter bets and filters those best selections once more until you got 2 or 3 daily picks that carry real value.

Filter #1

Decide which punters to follow, make sure to keep record of their performance for at least a month before you truly follow their tips, and decide which tips are truly valuable.

Filter #2

From that small group of bets make some research and evaluate each aspect of the game, this might take a few hours but it is the true fun in sports betting.

To conduct your research use these resource websites to evaluate club and player performance. official Information

Players of Europe Stats

UEFA sometimes publishes player information. You won’t find much in the Euro Cup section, but try looking into the Champions and Europa League´s championships for player data. The best from each national team perform in the top clubs in the world, which participate in either of these two high demanding championships.

Find the players of the team you are handicapping in the Champions league [1] and Eura Cup [2] to determine how their current skill is.

Squawka Comparison Matrix and Stats

Euro Cup Player Statistics Tool

Squawka is where all the stats and metrics of football players can be analyzed. There are several tools bettors can use to analyze a match, club or players. But a great tool is the “Comparison Matrix” [3], were you can compare players and face-off their stats.

performance stats seasons 2014-2015 of “Overall Striking Performance”, “Passes”, “Possession” and “Goals Scored”.

Use this tool to compare key players and specific matches. It might help you determine key aspects, but make sure to evaluate:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Passing Power

Score Card for Euro Cup

With the above mentioned tools a punter can develop his own Score Card, a method that was probably invented by horse handicappers in the UK in the early betting days.

It is very simple, just select the three main aspects of a club:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Passing Power

And provide a max score of 3 to each. By using any of the data and stats tools above, determine is a club is:

  • Stronger – 3
  • Same Level – 2
  • Weaker – 1

Against its rival. Assign the points for each aspect and the club with the highest points is your favorite.

UEFA Basic Betting Strategy Tips

Football Betting Tips

When considering to place a bet on the Euro Cup these basic golden rules must be considered:

Player Performance on their clubs: Follow the initial performance of every national team you plan to bet on. Player transfers and new managers can always change the picture from season to season. But a positive player start in the local league is always a nice indicator for the Euro.

Germany comes into the Euro Cup 2016 with Thomas Muller and other key players at the top of their career, while Spain´s previous super FIFA team (Spanish players in 2008 to 2012 composed most of the FIFA Dream Team) has grown old and new players are just coming out.

­­­­Key Players: Most of the UEFA Cup Champions get there by the hand of a key player with his game at the top of his skill. In the process of filtering down matches to bet upon, there is no need to evaluate the entire player stats, focus on the key or key players.

Are they with injury?

Are they on a score streak, or assist goals streak?

Is the key defense player on his best?

When the key player for goals or defense is not on the field for the UEFA match, be it for injury or red cards, consider taking the opposite bet, betting for the weak club to win or draw. The paying odds will be more favorable and the chances of beating the favorites higher as well, this is a Value Bet and finding them is key to success in Euro Cup Betting.

Last two games performance: League performance could be the overall performance over a few weeks or months. But the current shape of the club is a more accurate indicator. Many times clubs performance behaves in an oscillating manner, they win many games during a short period and then lose their form for a few games before finding the way back up.

Team morale might have something to do with this, when a derby or local championship is lost the club lowers its performance on other tournaments. Coming out losers from the local derby tends to lessen the overall morale of a club on its next games.

Predominant Games: And talking about derbies, sometimes clubs exhaust their players before the Euro Cup games. Could be they have higher chances of winning the local tournament, or they are playing in a key game to hold the leadership. In these scenarios a strong might arrive beaten-up to the Euro.

When this happens a Draw or Win by the rivals is always the best option.

Betting the Over/Under on the Euro Cup

Betting the Over/Under is a challenge in the Euro. But during the initial phase the top national teams are matched against weaker, making the favorite Over score to be more likely.  While during the later stages of the competition teams tend to be more aptly matched and also take a more conservative stance, making the Under and Draw results more likely, especially during the away matches were weak national teams are famous for “parking the bus” (looking for the draw and force the penalties).

Now What is a Value Bet?

If you have ever listened or read punter comments, they are always talking about “there is no value in today´s bets…” what do they refer to by that and what are Value Bets truly?

Value Bets: Value Bets are bets that have the best combination of possibility of winning and high payout. In other words, great odds for your chosen bet. Sometimes favorites to win are value bets, meaning they pay almost 100% of your stake, but when a favorite pays less than 40% of the stake it is hardly a value bet. Usually it is the weak opponent, what Americans call the underdog, which have the possibility of being Value Bets.

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