football historyThe modern day form of football came into being in Europe more specifically in England from the 9th century onwards. The earliest form of soccer balls were funny shaped pig bladders. The game was said to be so violent and acts like kicking, punching and biting (Suarez Era) were allowed. The aim of the game like modern day football was to score or get the ball through the opposition goal.

Despite the game being so violent and resulting in the death of many of its participants it gained huge popularity across England. But the authorities hated it and it was during the time of King Edward the 3rd in the 1300’s that football was banned due to the violence that resulted from it.

Evolution of modern day football

Both England and Scotland are credited to being the co-founders of the modern game with the first ever International football match played between these two teams. More on this later…

The primary rules of football came into being from the turn of the 17th century when it began to gain huge popularity among the universities and schools across England. The uses of hands were initially allowed and passing was only allowed backwards. From the 18th century onwards many amateur clubs were set up and played matches against each other. The problem during this time was the existence of two set of rules from rival universities. The Cambridge set of rules and the Sheffield rules. Problems would arise when the opposing teams wanted to follow their own rules and thus the “crowd the referee!” act was born.

The first definitive football rules were only established by the FA (Football Association) in the year 1863.

Formation of FA (Football Association)

The FA becomes the ruling entity of football in England and the oldest football association in the world founded since 1863.

It was a person known as Ebenezer Cobb Morley who pushed for a fixed set of rules for the game and formed the first professional club, Barnes FC in 1862.

The FA was officially founded on October 26th, 1863. Morley became the first secretary of FA then and later went on to become the first FA president in 1867. It was under him that the first official football rules otherwise known as London rules were written and passed.

Rugby and Football go separate ways…

The first game under the new set of rules was played in 1863 between Barnes FC and Richmond FC. The game ended in a 0-0 draw, let’s call it the first boring football match ever! Funny enough, Richmond FC who was not a member of FA then where not amused by the new set of rules under which the match was held and went onto help form the Rugby Union and thus Rugby and Football took separate ways in history.

FA CUP, the oldest football competition in the world

Charles Alcock in 1871 who was FA’s secretary then announced through newspapers about a nationwide knockout football tournament.  The tournament came to be a known as the FA CUP, the oldest football competition in the world.

The first tournament had only 12 teams and 13 matches with Wanderers FC beating Royal Engineers 1-0 in the final to be the first ever FA cup champions.

The first ever International football match was played between England and Scotland in 1872, which was also an idea of the above mentioned Charles Alcock. The match ended in a goalless draw, lets call it the first most boring national teams match.

From that point onwards football gained huge popularity across England with many clubs being formed, some of which decided to join the FA while some others decided to stay away.

The football league was founded in 1888 with teams playing each other in weekly fixtures rather than random matches.

The success of the FA in England led to the formation of Football associations in other countries as well. The governing body of world football otherwise known as FIFA was founded in the year 1904.

Formation of FIFA (Federation International de Football Association)

The ultimate ruling body of international football, FIFA, was founded in the year 1904.The match between England and Scotland played in 1872 was recognised as the first ever international football match. England also became the first ever victor in an international football match after defeating the visiting Scotland team 4-2 at the Oval in 1873.

The first ever international football match conducted under FIFA was between France and Belgium in 1904. Now FIFA has 208 members and is the largest sports body in the world. The first ever FIFA world cup was held in 1930 with Uruguay being the first ever host and champion.

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