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If you have a sports blog or website the need for a live score service might have aroused. How awesome it would be for our visitors to come back every day to review Premier League game schedules, odds, results and additional information like game stats?

And if you have this need then you might have stumbled with the first big obstacle, most live score services are not cheap at all, they range from a couple hundred dollars a month to several thousand dollars. There are some free live score services but their configuration is very simple, with very little sports and stats.

A sports bettor or punter requires detailed information of every match and from dozens of leagues, not only for football betting but other sports as well.

From a small group of livescore free services with soccer results and fixtures is one of the best . It is free and includes an enormous amount of data for each game, including past stats with easy to read tables, everything a punter needs right at hand without having to dedicate an enormous amount of time to data-gathering.

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Live Score and Fixture Data from All Soccer Leagues

Goaloo covers almost all of the known soccer leagues in the world, it even features non-first division leagues from some countries, international club games, tournaments and national team games.

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All odds are refreshed once a major development occurs in the game like a goal, red card or odds change in value.

Another sport that is also almost fully covered is basketball but major events in Tennis, American Football, Baseball (MLB), Hockey and Snooker are featured live as well.

The amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming, but the owner of the website can configure the tabs to only display the leagues of interest at that moment.

Odds and Stats Included

Goaloo livescore tipster service

The live score includes odds comparison from different sportsbooks and the odd´s display can be easily configured in Euro odds, fractional odds or American odds.

Additionally from displaying the straight bet odds, Asian Handicap and the Over/Under odds for every game are also updated live.

Check-out each team’s data base with player info and team alignment. Review playing trends and striker/defense stats.

If you want to follow a certain match from the Premier League and other high profile games there is a Text Live Commentary available through one of the live score tabs.

How to Install Goaloo LiveScore on Website

The process is very simple and does not require technical expertise to perform, just copy the iframe code offered for free on their site and paste on your homepage, refresh the page and the live score table should appear.

The only configuration a visitor could perform is establish the desired tabs to view the leagues he is most interested in. definitely offers one of the best live score services for free.