Is online gambling legal in Ghana?

Yes, absolutely. The gambling laws of Ghana are extremely lenient. Anyone over the age of 18 can legally bet on sports, both online and offline.

Ghana’s gambling (and sports betting) industry is regulated by the 2006 Gaming Act, which requires operators to be licensed by the Ghana Gaming Commission and only officially licensed sports betting platforms must be used.

Is it safe to bet online in Ghana?

It is safe to bet online in Ghana but bettors must make sure that they only register and bet with licensed and regulated online betting platforms. is one example of a reliable online sportsbook.

How do deposits and withdrawals work in Ghana for online betting?

Major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are almost universally accepted deposit options at online sportsbooks in Ghana. Most accept transfers to and from e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

Airtel Money and MTN Mobile Money are popular options too. They are both mobile phone-based money transfer services that function as an online bank account. Once you have money in your Airtel or MTN account, you can transfer it to and from other bank accounts, other Airtel/MTN users, and any sportsbook that supports either Airtel or MTN.

Some Ghanaian websites allow bank/wire transfers but these are not commonly found. CAL Bank is one local bank in Ghana that provides such a service.

Is mobile betting available in Ghana?

Of course! Ghanaians thrive on mobile betting. Africans love betting on their mobile phone devices given the ease and convenience. These are more common than betting on desktop computers.

Which are the popular sports for betting in Ghana?

Football (soccer) is without a doubt, the biggest sport in Ghana. The English Premier League is the competition that is most followed and bet on in the country.

Ghanaians also keenly follow basketball, tennis, rugby and boxing.

Are winnings from betting taxable?

Yes, winnings from betting (online and offline) are taxable but this is never a significant amount. The reason winnings are taxed is because the Gaming Commission of Ghana generates revenue through these taxes.

Is the sports betting market fairly regulated in Ghana?

Yes, there is nothing to be worried about as online betting platforms and sportsbooks have to be registered and licensed by the Ghana Gaming Commission to provide betting services.