French National Team Euro Cup 2016

The French national team has quickly become a favourite to win the Euro Cup 2016, and not exactly for being the hosts. Although do not discard being locals as a wild card, the last time the French won the World Cup it was as hosts in 1998, after that they faded from the international arena.

The Euro Cup does not exactly favor hosts like the Copa America does, historically hosts gain a strong advantage and tend to advance to the final stages like the semi-finals and the final game, but look back into Euro Cup 2004 were hosts Portugal faced Greece in the final game and lost in what is considered the biggest upset in Euro Cup history.

No, France will not have it easy with the present two time champions Spain, the World Cup winners Germany and a very strong Italy who played a smashing qualifier phase.

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Best Game of 2015: France 2 – 0 Germany 2015 Friendly

Home Advantage

So how much does home advantage power-up France? Immensely by the looks of it.

As the tournament comes closer the French squad keep getting better and better. History has a lot to do with it, not only do host´s perform to the last stages historically, France won its first Euro Cup as hosts back in 1984 only to move back into the shadows until the Thierry Henry era by the end of the 90’s, when it won the World Cup in 1998.

 “They’re among the favorites and they’re at home. If you look at their squad, they are definitely strong enough to lift the trophy.” – Gael Andonian, Armenia defender.

France Biggest Weakness, Defense

Although France managed several clean sheets during the qualifying phase, defense is full of holes and uncertainties. Deschamps still does not find the right combination of players or formation for the defensive positions, and in several games they conceded easy walkthroughs to the goal.

Problems in rival referencing, pass line blocking and movement coordination make France a very vulnerable team. Laurent Koscielny is the key piece for stability in this area, after his injury Mamadou Sakho and Raphael Varane carry that responsibility, but as good as the players are with their clubs they concede the ball in difficult situations.

Why didn’t it fared worst in the qualifiers (all friendlies)? The goalie­­­ Hugo Lloris, often referred as Captain Marvel. Hugo is the perfect leader, confident, calm and full of authority. When making your betting analysis keep an eye on goalie Lloris and his physical condition.

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French Skills and Highlights

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema Hilights

Benzema seems to be suffering from that strange disease that has been affecting the best football players in the world like Messi and Neymar, they perform like the gods on their clubs but all that skill does not shine with their national teams. Benzema has failed to replicate his goals from Real Madrid with France. He passed unperceived during the World Cup 2014 and the Euro qualifiers weren’t the exception either.

Karim Benzema is the top scorer in La liga but hadn’t scored a single goal with France in a full year. He finally shook off that salt by scoring a double against Nice back in November. 27 goals in 81 games.

In la Liga he accrues 6 goals in 6 games, but zero assists making him a lone wolf. Lone Wolfs are terrific players that might shine during a game but waste their skills by not collaborating with their teammates. If Benzema takes off the goal target from his mind during the games he might help France produce more goals than in the present.

His personal skills are all on offense and no defensive actions and a poor ball possession stat. Why, he has been a prime goals scorer for Real Madrid for two seasons in a row, even after injury and not for the French national team in over two years, goes to explain he requires a lot of help from quality midfielders and creative strikers to hand him the ball near the rival’s goal. He doesn´t seem to be much of a creator himself, his main purpose is to score and that alone.

Karim Benzema Skills 2015

Karim Benzema Betting Tips

Do not bet on Benzema to score anytime for France. He might have shaken off the salt by the Euro Cup of 2016 but his most recent 2 year stats are very poor in goal production for France.

The midfield and creation players are key on French success to score, keep an eye on the health in the midfield to place a bet France to score Over 1.5 goals or over 2.5 total goals.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba France team

The young midfielder has missed the recent qualifier games with France due to injury, once he returns he might be the strongest of the tournament, not like in the latest World Cup 2014 were he passed unperceived. Pogba not only has the skill to create offense opportunities but personal goals as well.

Playing for Juventus this season he seems to be in adaptation mode still. From 13 games played he has scored only 2 goals after 44 shots, and 1 assist.

Considering the teachers he has had in his career back in Manchester United, in the likes of Alex Ferguson, Pogba is a young player with much to give at his 22 years of age. He has been described to be powerful, skilful and creative with apetite for goals and a great display if personal skills. He is referred to as “Il Polpo Paul” in Italy (Paul the Octopus) for how he unravels his long legs during tackles and the long strides when he speeds. “Pogboom” is another regular nickname for his explosive shots and vital energy in the field.

Paul Pogba Skills 2015

Paul Pogba Betting Tips

  • Don’t bet on Pogba to score, he plays further behind and althouh it is likely he will score some goals during the Euro Cup, that is not his intended role in the team.
  • Inplay bet on France to score another goal when Pogba is on fire. He might not be the best scorer but the team´s performance marches to his rhythm, he is the pulse of the team.

Lassana Diarra

Lassana Diarra with French national team

Lassana Diarra returns to the French squad after a 5 year absence and so far the player has been key in most of France goals as a midfielder.

While Paul Pogba has been out through injury Diarra has given strength and focus to the strikers, once Pogba returns though the 4-3-3 midfield constructed by Pogba, Diarra and Blaise Matuidi should turn France into one of the most offensive teams in Euro Cup 2016.

Diarra has one of those “almost didn’t make it” success stories only to shine at the end and shut-up everyone once and for all. As a youngster he was rejected by several French clubs like FC Nantes and Le Mans, he thought his career was over for being to short and small, but Le Havre picked him up and he became an impressive defensive midfielder. He was later transferred to Chelsea and now plays for Marseille after passing through clubs like Real Madrid, Arsenal, Portsmouth and Lokomotiv Moscow.

Diarra Skills 2015

Lassana Diarra Betting Tips

Under 1.5 rival goals against France when Diarra is on the main team. He offers experience and solidness to the french deffense, although the deffense remains one of the worst aspects of the national team rarely has France received more than 2 goals, and we do not expect them to unravel playing as hosts.

Anthony Martial

Anthony Martial with french national team

The prodigy son of Manchester United seems to be playing a major role on the great season the devils are having, with Benzema as a leading striker Deschamps can use him as a starter or impact sub, but no doubt he will play a major role for France in 2016.

And he is scoring for France what Benzema is not…. and just 19 years of age. 

Martial was impressive ever since he was 6 years old in Les Ulis soccer club back in France. As a young teenager he was moved to Monaco AS for 6 million and then to Manchester United for 36 million, were he was named youngster of the month during his first appereances.

His style of play has been compared to Thierry Henry, for his speed and technical ability, alhtough he difers by saying he relies more on power and technique than Thierry´s quickness. After playing for France 2 – 1 against Denmark, Fenerbahce defender Simon Kjaer claimed to be surprised to his style of play for a 19 year old, “He’s really good for 19. I didn’t know him when I was in France. He’s very, very hard to mark because he knows how to do a lot of things. Not only is he quick, but he’s also technically good.”

Anthony Martial Skills 2015

Anthony Martial Betting Tips

  • No tips on Anthony Martial, for the great player he is it is stunning to find that he has converted zero goals for France in the 2015 season. He has a couple of assists but nothing more in 6 games. France is not a very offensive team after all, it relies on a strong midfield to hold the ball, any other area it struggles.

France Competitive Rhythm is on the Rise

France 2015 squad

France begun the qualifiers process poorly, just how they ended the World Cup. They lost key games against Belgium and Albania in the early stages but bounced back with 3 straight wins.

Very much the opposite of once-upon-a-time super favorites Germany, that have slowed down their unstoppable winning streak by the end and have conceded some games, the most important of which was to France during the terrorist attacks in Paris November 2015.

Can France really win the Euro Cup with its small successes? We believe not. It will probably get far if super players like Karim Benzema and Giroud stand-out throughout the tournament but it would be a great surprise if they can overcome Germany or the other teams that have been in far greater shape throughout the season.Coming out from friendly matches can also be counter-productive while the other rivals all played at the edge of qualifications.

 France Betting Tips

France to Win bet in the stages group against non-traditional rivals. They will be very strong and most of their games throughout the Euro will be either Won or Draw. Any other upset will come as a surprise result and unexpected.

Win or Draw bet against top rivals, especially on the later stages.

Over 0.5 first half goals. Not in every game, but with a weak defense and a powerful attack it is unlikely a goal does not happen on the first half when players are in full physical conditions.

Over 1.5 total goals. Again, the weak defense and strong offense comes into mind. France will most likely concede one goal for every 2 it tucks in. Plus, we are expecting Karim Benzema to become the Euro top scorer after his early drought with the team.

Karim Benzema Euro Cup top scorer. This is an exotic bet most sportsbooks offer, keep an eye on early odds for value. Benzema might have not scored with France for over a year but he shook off that salt in the final games and managed a double. He is Real Madrid´s and La Liga´s season 2015/2016 top scorer over Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo, plus playing at home.

France to advance from Group Stages, but that is as far as we can vouch for the team with any certainty. The team will certainly be empowered and even transcend to the final stages, being hosts sometimes plays its magic.