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Somebody should put a lid on this Carles Rextach mouth

War of words between Barcelona and Real Madrid are not a rare event. however Barcelona assistant director has just taken it to a whole new level with a startling claim that the Argentine and Manchester United playmaker Angel Di Maria was let go of Real Madrid because he was too ugly for the Galacticos.

Carles Rexach is quoted as saying,

“Florentino Perez looks at the world market and wants a team of Galacticos for everyone to admire. Do you understand what I mean?”


Carles Rexach claims Di Maria is too ugly for Real

“Ronaldo is the flagship of the club. Perez is selling an international brand. Vicente Del Bosque and Di Maria are too ugly for Real Madrid. They are different from Toni Kroos and James Rodriguez”


James Rodriguez, Real Madrid baby face new star

Everyone loves a good banter now and then but this is just stooping low to a whole other level. The Argentine playmaker made the switch to Manchester United from Real Madrid this season for a new English club record fee 59.7£ million.


Toni Kroos, the german nice boy

Carles Rexach was a player at Barcelona for 22 years after which he joined the club as a coach. Rexach was always someone that wasn’t shy at making controversial statements. Last year he was quoted as saying Lionel Messi “ate more pizzas than he should have done”.

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What’s wrong with the Mirror?

This piece of news has managed to grab attention of all major news outlets out their but the way some of these so called newspapers have reported this is just “ugly”.


Played a crucial role during Argentina’s world cup campaign and was one of the nominees for the golden ball

Take the Mirror for example they are actually making fun of Di Maria. Who cares if he doesn’t look like a Cristiano Ronaldo all people care about is how he plays.

This is the kind of reporting that gives Journalism a bad name. Did the guy that wrote actually think it would be funny? The Mirror has even included a poll question asking the readers if Di Maria is ugly.ugly. Geezz.. how low will they stoop to?

Football is not a beauty pageant

Despite not being in the best of form Di Maria is still considered as one of the best players out there.


Was fantastic for Real while he was their

He was a crucial part of Real Madrid when he was there from 2010 to 2014 making 191 appearances and scoring 36 goals.

Di Mara best skills… IN YOUR UGLY FACE Carles Rexach!!


Carles Rexach might have been handsome before… not anymore

Di Maria played a crucial part in Real Madrid achieving the La Decima last season, He played a crucial part in his teams second goal in Real’s 4-1 Champions League final win over Atletico Madrid. He dribbled past three and then he made the Courtois produce an excellent save but luckily for Real Gareth Bale scored the rebound to put them 2-1 ahead in extra-time.


Check out the wife Di Maria has with his pretty face…


Angel Di Maria wife, Jorgelina Cardoso

More about Di Maria being PRETTY good: 

Angel Di Maria – Career in Numbers

Club Appearances Goals
Rosario Central 39 6
Benfica 124 15
Real Madrid 191 36
Manchester United 21 4

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