Africa has majorly embraced sports betting with most non-Islamic countries legalising and regulating online sports betting in their respective countries.

This has led to locals turning to online betting as both – a pastime and a potential career.

People make money by placing bets on local and international matches and tournaments. Over the last few years, the betting industry has risen to the levels that were unimaginable at one point in time.

Like in many other countries across the world, the growth of online sports betting in Africa can be attributed to many factors.

With top global sportsbooks setting up shop all across the continent of Africa, here are some of the leading drivers to the meteoric and continuous rise in sports betting.

#1 – Love for sports

Africans have a tremendous love for sports and especially, football.

Most African countries participate in the major continental tournaments and the top teams compete at the highest levels of sport as well.

Most local football leagues across Africa are also well-organized with a nice tier system in place.

Apart from their unparalleled love for football, all countries in Africa have different preferences in sports. South Africa loves rugby and cricket whereas Nigerians love boxing. Ghanaians also love basketball and Kenyans love track events. But none of them are limited to just these sports.

Africans typically will watch any sport they can get access to and that is what makes the continent so amazing for sports.

Countries like South Africa have top-notch sporting structures that attract people from different parts of the world. In football alone, betting companies usually capture not only the premier leagues of football in the African nations but also the 2nd and 3rd divisions. That is how big football is in the continent.

The locals are also known to be great followers of top European leagues, including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and Spanish La Liga. The UEFA Champions League and Europa League are also keenly followed by football fans in Africa.

The FIFA World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations, followed by the European Championships, are the biggest international football events for betting.

Football kids Africa

#2 – Growth of mobile betting

Technology has been the biggest contributor to the rise of online betting.

Many more Africans now have access to the internet and smartphones than 5 years back, never mind 10. Phone manufacturers from Asia and Europe have prioritised making lower-priced mobile phones and selling them in Africa to increase sales.

Mobile betting has made life so easy for bettors that they do not want to bother going to physical betting shops anymore. It has allowed for betting on-the-go and 24×7.

It has also allowed for quick betting and additional promotions and discounts.


#3 – Security, safety and ease on regulations around betting

Africa remains one of the less regulated continents when it comes to sports betting.

However, the reason for that is to be more investor-friendly. This has allowed for the globally licensed betting players to operate within the region, as long as they meet the basic guidelines laid down by the relevant authorities.

A mix of foreign and local betting companies has created a highly competitive environment that ultimately benefits the bettors. More betting also means that a country’s revenue from taxes sees a significant rise.

#4 – Unemployment

Africa has a much higher number of educated people now as conditions have significantly improved.

South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria have the highest numbers of educated people but they also have lots of people who are unemployed.

A lot of the African youth have some affiliation with sports so it is directly linked with the increase in online betting as they try to make a living from their experience and knowledge in sports.

Social media has also played a significant role in attracting more youngsters to bet online on sports.