How do booking points work in football betting and what exactly are they?

We will uncover exactly what booking points are in football betting, what they are worth, and more useful information that can assist you when you place bets on football.

Booking Points

Booking points are something that is exclusive to football and it is a type of betting market.

You bet on how many cards will be shown in a match. Each card has a specific number of points attached to it and you can bet on the total number of points during the match, or during half time as well.

What is the value of a Booking Point?

As you mostly are aware, in football, there are two types of cards players can get – yellow and red cards. Booking points are assigned to each of these.

  • One yellow card is 10 booking points
  • A direct red card is 25 booking points
  • Two yellow cards for the same player (two yellows to the same player in the same game leads to a red card) is 35 booking points

In simple words, a single player cannot “earn” more than 35 booking points.

Managers and substitutes that are currently not on the pitch can also receive yellow and red cards, however, most bookmakers do not count these in the bets so check on this.

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How do I become a success football bettor with Booking Points?

When betting on booking points you need to consider three major factors:

  1. Do your research on the team’s tendencies of getting yellow and red cards, which will tell you about their style of play and if they tend to be more physical or not.
  2. Study the disciplinary history of all the players, not only the number of yellow and red cards received by each player but also the number of fouls as greater the number of fouls, more likely that a player would get carded. Every player is different and there are certain footballers who tend to receive bookings more often than you would think.
  3. Know your referee! Many referees love dishing out cards for the smallest of fouls and challenges so do check on the history of the referees as well before placing your bets.

There are more card betting markets than you’d have thought!

In football, you could say that there are countless betting options. Here are some of the other card betting markets that you may be interested in checking out.

  • Total cards in the match (total number of cards both teams receive)
  • Total cards for a particular team
  • Card handicap markets
  • Team to get the first card
  • Team that will receive the last card of the game
  • The first card bet (if there is no card then it counts as no bet)
  • Red card given
  • A particular team to receive a red card
  • A specific player to receive a card (red or yellow) during the match

Remember, each sportsbook is different and provides various markets in multiple categories, so choose wisely.

There are a wide range of football betting markets available for a yellow and red card, many of these provide competitive odds for football betting in general.

Betting on cards involves lots of hard research and a big element of luck but returns can be immense so if you are up for it then go for it!