Ghana regulated sports betting in 1960 and Ghanaians started to bet majorly on football ever since.

When in Ghana you can bet on football, cricket, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and many other sports as well.

The currency of Ghana – Cedi, is not available on most online betting sites, however, you can opt to bet using other currencies including pounds, euros and dollars.

More than 20 sports betting companies are currently operating in Ghana and there are many more entering the market because of its safety and the rapid development of the country.

Moreover, the government has not imposed any legislations related to sports betting. Due to the lax rules, do make sure to check that the online sportsbook you pick is legitimate and licensed.

When it comes to the legislation, The Lotteries Betting Act 1960 was the first one that allowed sports betting in Ghana. Two more legislations were passed soon after – the Gambling Machines Act 1973 and the Casino Licensing Act 1975.

The newest legislation has been The Gaming Act of 2006, in which betting in Ghana was made legal and the Ghana Gaming Commission was appointed as the body responsible for regulating sports betting in the country.

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This allowed betting companies to set up their establishments in Ghana without stringent regulations. This means that these companies will not be heavily taxed. Additionally, the legislation does not limit where and how much the company can advertise their services.

You can find many Ghana betting sites online, especially since there is not much legislation around betting and where Ghanaians can place their bets. Online betting sites offer much better options and promotions than the land-based shops so it is definitely the better option.

Given the rapid development of the internet and increase in mobile penetration, sports betting sites are also growing by leaps and bounds. You can also benefit from welcome promotions and offers that are offered to citizens who bet online in Ghana.

The largest markets in Ghana are Accra and Kumasi where more than 540,000 people reside. Betting on local football is extremely popular in the football-crazy nation.


There are many additional and special offers for betting on the local teams, especially within the Ghana Premier League.

Following the local league, the English Premier League and the Spanish La Liga are considered the most popular.

Boxing is another popular sport to bet on in the country, which includes bets on major world championship fights and local matches.

The popularity of football betting increased exponentially during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Ghanaians turned to sports betting in times of unemployment and as a way to supplement income. They turned to bet on football since it is believed that it is the fastest way to make good returns.