Gooner fan and  Artist / Designer Bacha Lagvilava

Every football fan is passionate in supporting their team and Bacha Lagvilava is no exception. A die hard fan of Arsenal, Bacha caught ‘s attention with his stunning Photoshop designs of Arsenal and it’s players.

Impressed by Bacha’s work we at decided to sit down with the young Arsenal enthusiast and get to know a bit more about him and how his love for Arsenal FC started.

So Bacha tell us a bit about yourself

Hey there, I’m Bacha Lagvilava, 24 originally from the beautiful country of Georgia but moved to Russia just 7 months back to pursue my studies in film editing and hopefully kick start a career here.


Impressive isn’t it? A Bacha Lagvilava work – King Thierry Henry

When did your love for Arsenal begin?

To be honest I only started supporting Arsenal because of a certain Theirry Henry.  I used to love watching him play and would watch Arsenal just for his skills, but as i started to watch more and more of Arsenal’s games regularly i just fell in love with the club. I can’t pinpoint a reason as to why that happened but it just did. Maybe it’s their beautiful brand of football, either way even when Henry left for Barca in 2007 I couldn’t think supporting any other club other than the Gunners.


Another one of Bacha’s creation – Mesul Ozil fan art

 What do you do when you are not a crazy football fanatic?

Making videos and working on Photoshop, both of which I have been doing for a long time now. I wasn’t really good at it first but persistence paid off and have gotten great reviews on most of my recent works.

Here is one of Lacha Bagvilava’s Gooner Videos “The Dream” – Subscribe to his youtube account for more

How do you feel about the Arsenal’s season so far?

Well it could be better, we are currently 3rd in the table one point behind Manchester City. We fought well in Champions League and was unfortunate to lose out against Monaco however we are still in the hunt for FA Cup were we should ease our way into the finals. So in short, it’s been good so far and we should end the season really strong and hopefully finish 2nd in the league.


Talk about being talented – another Bacha Lagvilava masterpiece – Oliver Giroud fan art

Which is your favorite Arsenal game till date?

Tough Tough Question how can i name just one, i will do three:

  1. Arsenal vs Bolton 3-2 (2007/08)
  2. Arsenal vs Barcelona 2-1 (2010/11)
  3. Arsenal vs Hull City – FA Cup Final 3-2 (2013/14)

Gooner Fan Art – North London is Red

Who do you see as Arsenal’s biggest rival?

Our North London rivals Tottenham. It’s the one game I absolutely hate to see Arsenal losing. I will always remember our 5-2 win against them in both the 2011/2012 and 2012/13 season.


“Proud to be a Gooner” fan art – Arsenal FC

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