The NFL season culminates in the most watched and anticipated event in American sports, the Super Bowl. The NFL is the only one of America’s major pro sports leagues that uses a single championship game to decide its champion. The Super Bowl has become an enormous spectacle that is now synonymous with sports betting. Having developed a reputation for high drama and fantastic finishes, the Super Bowl is both the most watched and most bet on event in the US (well, maybe battling year in and year out with the Kentucky Derby). Obviously, before any team can make it to the finals, the championship games, Super Bowl, they must go through the post-regular season games, the NFL playoffs.

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl takes place annually on the first Sunday of February. With a two week break between the conference championships and Super Bowl, there is no shortage of media hype and pent-up anticipation. The fanfare surrounding Super Bowl Sunday includes hours of pregame coverage, Super Bowl parties across the country, a major halftime show, and the much awaited commercials. For many fans, particularly those that disappointed to see their favorite team not playing, the enjoyment of Super Bowl Sunday can be heightened even further with a little wagering online. The NFL has gone through stretches in which Super Bowls were lopsided and uneventful. However, recent Super Bowls have provided close games and high drama, which can be chalked up to the parity of the National Football League. Regardless of how heavy a favorite a team is going in, the Super Bowl has provided upsets and close games lately. Super Bowl betting offers a number of fun and profitable ways to add excitement to an already great game; double the fun.

The Super Bowl Location

Unlike many sports leagues that play their championships at a set location or the home stadium of a participant, the Super Bowl is played at a neutral NFL stadium which changes every year, making it fair for both teams, and allowing a nice change-up in cities and venues for greater excitement and good tourist income coming in for that week/weekend. Typically, the Super Bowl rotates among southern cities, with occasional northern indoor stadiums used. Recently, the NFL displayed a willingness to change up its venue, by awarding New York’s outdoor MetLife Stadium Super Bowl XLVII. The tendency to avoid cold weather conditions for the Super Bowl can tend to favor teams that play in the south or indoors, making geography a factor to consider when betting on the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

While point spreads and money lines are the most common bets placed on the Super Bowl online, the Super Bowl Prop Bets are a fun and popular way to win money on the game. Prop bets are a fun form of gambling games that often provide odd and intriguing bets for those looking to make some money while watching the Super Bowl. Many of these bets are unique to the game in each particular year, but others such as the coin toss or what the first score of the game will be remain consistent. Fans who have a particular knowledge on a team can take propositions bets such as who scores the team’s first points or wins the game’s MVP. There are also less serious wagers you can place wagers on, such as how long the National Anthem lasts or what color Gatorade gets dumped on the winning coach,, will there be other clothing malfunctions like with Janet Jackson in the half-time show, within several others. Regardless of how outlandish these bets get, the money won on Super Bowl Prop Bets is just as real.

Super Bowl Futures Betting

Super Bowl betting can start well before the NFC and AFC Champions are decided. Each team has odds on winning the Super Bowl even before the preseason gets going. Futures bets online adjust accordingly as the season goes on, but if a bettor has a hunch or insight on a certain team in advance of the season, he can find a major payout in February.

Super Bowl Betting

The Super Bowl is the best game in sports to place your bets on when it comes to football and football betting. Whether you are wagering on the winner or finding a prop bet that best suits you, placing a Super Bowl bet is a great way to enhance the Super Bowl experience and win money. has fantastic information and advice, and can help NFL bettors win money on the Super Bowl.