Pittsburg Steelers Banner

The professional American football team, the Pittsburgh Steelers was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1933, the oldest of the AFL.

The team began initially with the name of Pittsburgh Pirates, later it was changed to Pittsburgh Steelers in 1962.

The Steelers belong to the AFC east division in the NFL.



Titles Won

Giving honor to the steel industry name of the city, the Steelers have won eight Conference championships, more than any other team, 28 playoffs, and 6 Super Bowls, two of them consecutive in 1975 and 1976.

Lack of Players in the Past

The Steelers had suffered by lack of players during the Second World War. They had to fuse with others teams of the current NFL. The first fusion was with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943, named the Steagles and the posterior year with the Chicago Cardinal, named the Card Pitts.

A Glorious Decade

The decade of 1970 the Steelers had their best time, since they had not had good seasons at least for 40 years. It was not until 1973 that the Steelers won a wild card playoff berthm and in the last year of the decade the Steelers won their fourth Super Bowl, being the first team to have 4 of these titles until that time. Among the decade there were many others titles won, and all this, made them the “Team of the Decade”.

The Steelers Song – WAR

Heinz Field Stadium

Heinz Stadium

The Heinz Field stadium was built in 2001, it is the home of the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NCAA team, the Pittsburgh Panthers.

The stadium was made in 2001 because the last team’s stadium the “Three Rivers Stadium” collapsed.

Pittsburg Steelers Stadium

The new Steelers’ stadium of natural grass surface is located riverside Ohio, in Pittsburgh northern, and has the capacity of 65.050 viewers.

Uniform and Logo

  Steelers colors and jersey

The Steelers’ uniforms have been very similar in all its exemplars since it was created. These uniforms have been considered as one of the best in the NFL, the “bumblebee jail” was worn to play against the Washington Redskins in 2012, reliving old times.

Pitssburg Steelers Symbol

From the crest of Pittsburgh logo to the current, one and among many others, the Steelers have had several logos from its creation in 1962.

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