Prop bets (also known as proposition betting or side bets) provide some of the most entertaining, and often the most profitable, football bets and odds. With often exotic bets and tantalizing odds, finding the right prop bet can be a great way to change up your usual gambling picks and earn high payouts on exciting propositions. Prop bets are most often associated with the Super Bowl, but are also available in both college and pro football throughout the season. Not only do prop bets tend to add even more excitement to football betting, they can add money to your pockets.

Prop Bet Basics in Football

Prop bets are those that pertain to specific proposition other than just the outcome of a game or season. Prop bets typically use either money line betting or an over/under format. These bets can be nearly anything from a player’s individual rushing yards to football futures bets, such as the last NFL team to remain undefeated. What’s available for prop bettors will vary from week to week and game to game, so it’s important to keep a close watch on what bets come up. A typical football prop bet may look like the following.

Will the team that scores first win the game?

Yes -$240
No +$190

There can often be several different prop bets involved within the same game, allowing avid bettors to not just wage on the outcome, but many other aspect of a college or pro game. Because of their nature, prop bets often cater to those gamblers with a specific knowledge of something. Understanding a coach’s or team’s tendencies can be highly valuable when handicapping prop bets. If a bettor has a sense that a player is primed to go off in a game, laying down big money on a prop bet can be a great betting strategy.

Futures Prop Bets

Many football prop bets pertain to a single game, but other futures bets are available for prop bets. These bets can be about a team’s performance, and individual player’s stats, or an awards race. In college football the many different positional awards all offer their own money line bets, as well as the highly coveted and popularly bet on Heisman Trophy race. In the NFL, gamblers can bet awards races that include Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Rookie of the Year, Defensive Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, and the MVP award. These races will offer a wide range of money line bets and often have great odds available. Predicting a player or team’s success over the course of a season can be a great way to win money on football futures prop bets.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

The most bet on sporting event in America, the Super Bowl, has also become synonymous with prop bets. Super Bowl prop bets start at the coin toss, run through the halftime show, and end with the announcement of the game’s MVP. There are annually over a hundred available prop bets available for the Super Bowl. Many of these have to do with the game itself, including who will score the game’s first or final points. Others pertain to the broadcast, as the announcers and even commercials have prop bets associated with them. These prop bets are great to supplement typical Super Bowl bets, and can often warrant big wagers in themselves.

Prop Betting

Prop bets are a great way to enhance the excitement of the game and win serious money. offers odds on prop bets, including futures prop bets, game props, Super Bowl prop bets, and draft prop bets. Tips, picks, and strategy are also available for one of the best ways to bet on football.