NFL Pro Bowl Betting

Pro Bowl Wagering

Before the NFL’s best teams face each other in the Super Bowl, the NFL’s best players face each other in the annual Pro Bowl.

The Pro Bowl is the NFL’s annual all-star game, in which the league’s two conferences, the NFC and AFC, play each other in an exhibition game. While the result of the Pro Bowl has no impact on the league outside of bragging rights, the money that can be won from betting on the Pro Bowl is just as real.

Betting on the NFL’s Pro Bowl is a great way to add excitement to the game and win some serious money.

NFL Pro Bowl History

Pro football has featured an all-star game since 1938, at which time a selected all-star squad would face off against the league champions. The “Pro Bowl” took on a new name and format in 1950 and was played in Los Angeles until 1971.

The game has been played in Aloha Stadium in Honolulu since 1979, with the exception of 2009. In 2009, the Pro Bowl switched from the week after to the week prior to the Super Bowl.

America love its championship events, there are many other Bowl championships played all around the country.

NFL Pro Bowl Teams and Players

The Pro Bowl is played between the best players in each conference, as voted by their fans, peers, and coaches. Fan voting begins at mid-season and runs through the season’s end, with fan being able to vote multiple times online.

Players and coaches each cast their ballot at the regular season’s end. Each group’s vote is counted equally as one third. Super Bowl players are unable to compete in the game, and other selected Pro Bowlers turn down the game for various reasons. In this event, the NFL simply turns to the next player on the voting list to take their place.

It’s important to know who has actually accepted a Pro Bowl invite before betting on the game, as the rosters vary significantly than those that were originally voted on.

Traditionally, the NFC and AFC teams wear blue and red uniforms, respectively, while each player wears the helmet of his NFL team, making the game more colorful and the players more recognizable. The games are often coached by the NFC and AFC Championship staffs from the year prior.

This is a nice opportunity to evaluate player strenghts before the Super Bowl betting begins.

NFL Pro Bowl Game Play

Pro Bowl Players

Compared to the hard-hitting high-intensity game play that NFL fans are accustomed to, the Pro Bowl is a rather lackluster affair. There are a number of rules designed to simply formations teams can run and eliminate contact. All teams run a 4-3 defense and are prohibited from blitzing the quarterback and playing press coverage.

Because of this, the front seven of a defense is significantly less important in the Pro Bowl than in normal NFL games. This becomes even more evident given the lack of effort often put in by defensive linemen. With rules favoring the offense, particularly quarterbacks, the Pro Bowl is usually a high scoring game. Players and coaches place a higher emphasis on staying healthy rather than winning.

The Pro Bowl has been the recent subject of criticism, as many participants appear to not care about the outcome. This can, however, help in betting on the Pro Bowl, as bettors are often able to determine which players and teams will be bringing in proper motivation.

NFL Pro Bowl Betting

Betting on the NFL Pro Bowl is a bit different than betting on a normal NFL game. Most of the players competing have never played together before, so it’s uncertain how the rosters will mesh together. Greater emphasis should be placed on skill positions in the Pro Bowl.

The conference with the better trio of QBs is often the victor. It’s also important to know how certain players will be handicapped by the game. For example, a pass-rushing linebacker loses his use when he cannot blitz, and a physical cornerback cannot play to his preferred style.

This can help smart bettors know where to place their bets. There are also a number of prop bets available for the Pro Bowl that can make the game more fun to watch and win you money. Our Daily Picks will give you the best news and advice regarding how to win money betting on the NFL Pro Bowl.