New York Jets StoryThe professional American football team, the New York Jets was founded in 1960. The team initially began with the name of New York Titans,changed in 1962 to the current New York Jets. The Jets belong to the AFC east division in the NFL.

 The Jets and the Super Bowl

The Jets won their first and unique Super Bowl in 1969 against the Baltimore Colts, and it has been the only time that the team has disputed a Super Bowl. It has been a long time since the Jets have stepped on a Super Bowl match; the New Yorkers got very close to be in a NFL final championship in 2009, and despite their good performance in the AFC season, the Jets lost the Conference final match 17-30 against the Indianapolis Colts.

 New York Jets VS Baltimore Colts 1969


The QB Mark Sánchez performance in 2009

In the 2009 draft, the Jets drafted Mark Sánchez as the team quarterback, who was the linchpin of the  team’s good performance in that same year. Sanchez had played in the USC Trojans, giving them the Rose Bowl championship in 2009, and was selected as the most valuable offensive player. That was the passport to arrive to the professional team.


MetLife Stadium

Metlife Stadium

After playing in the Giants Stadium, the New York Jets have been moved to their current stadium the “MetLife Stadium,” since 2010. These stadiums are both located in the New Jersey state. The Metlife has the capacity of 82.566 viewers and it has an artifial field turf.

Jets Uniform and logo

 New York Jets JerseyFrom a plane logo to an ovoid one, the Jets logo has evolved through time, both shape and figure. Their first logotype created in 1963 had a jet shape with the JETS word typed in it. From then on the logo style has changed in different ways. The present logo, which was made in 1998, carries the JETS word but inside a green American football  ball.

New York Jets Icon

Although the logo’s styles have been different, the colors that identify the team logo are the same: Green and white.

The Jets’ latest known uniform was presented in 2012, and it also gave allusion to its colors but with some changes in its intensity. Their previous uniforms were also white and green, but much brighter.

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