Many bettors love the quick payout. While the instant gratification of weekly sports betting is undoubtedly tough to match, often times the best bets in football are those that take place over the course of an entire season. Futures betting offers some of the best odds for gamblers willing to watch their investment play out over a few months. A huge range of bets are available for futures betting; from NFL win totals to the Heisman Trophy, football bettors have odds available for secure wagers on a team or high money line odds on a specific players.

Futures Betting Basics

Futures bets are those that have to do with more than one game and typically are concerned with an entire season. These bets are placed early on and do not pay out until after the final result is determined. Futures bets typically use a money line or over/under format, so it’s important to understand the different systems when evaluating futures odds. Keep in mind that the Vegas odds and/or sportsbooks will shift for teams as new information comes out or as perceptions begin to change. Because of this, timing is an important element in futures betting. Futures bets can often be placed during the football season, at which point the odds have adjusted for how the teams have performed. If bettors feel that they understand a team’s capabilities, it’s smart to bet early and get the best possible lines on a particular bet.

NFL Futures Bets

The NFL has a number of different futures bets that pertain to teams and players. One of the most common NFL futures is season win totals for teams. These are a straightforward over/under proposition, and will appear as follows.
Indianapolis Colts Wins 5.5

In the above example, someone taking the over would need the Colts to win six or more regular season games for the bet to payout, while someone taking the under would need five or less. A record of 6-10 at the season’s finish will pay out at the end of the regular season. Bettors can also bet on post season success, such as the AFC or NFC Champions and the Super Bowl Champion. For the Super Bowl, a future bet will look something like this.

Green Bay +$350

If Green Bay wins the Super Bowl, the futures bet will pay 3.5 to 1, while any other result will be a losing bet. For Super Bowls and Conference Championships, odds often get as high as 200 to one. NFL betting will also have money line bets available for awards races such as MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, or Defensive Rookie of the year, allowing gamblers to wager on specific players.

College Football Futures

Similar to NFL futures, the NCAA will have season win totals and post season futures bets available. This means that college football bettors can find the best odds on nearly any major program, the winner of a conference, bowl games, or the BCS National Champion. One of the most popular futures bets for college football is the Heisman Trophy race. Before the season, money lines are available for many of the top Heisman candidates.

Advantages of Futures Betting

Futures betting is typically concerned with a broader field of results rather than an isolated matchup or event. Because of this, futures bets are often times safer wagers, providing better security for the bettor. It’s less likely that a team’s entire season will hinge on a bad bounce of the football, which is often the case when betting on weekly games. With this in mind, bettors with a sense of which teams truly are the cream of the crop can expect that the team’s record or season finish accurately depicts their ability. Injuries and unforeseen circumstances are still prone to occur, but strong teams tend to carry less risk over an entire season than they would in a single game. Bettors confident in the abilities of a football team can use futures betting to get a greater level of assurance in their wagers.

Futures Betting

Odds and advice on futures bets for both college and pro football. Keep in mind that patience can often pay off when betting on sports, and placing a well-timed futures bet can often be a great investment that earns major dividends.