The process of football player evaluation is a long process for NFL teams and prospective players. Following the college football season, players undergo a number of events to showcase their abilities and try to raise their draft stock. A player’s performance between January and April can go a long way in determining how high he is drafted and how much money he earns. What was once considered the offseason is now a crucial part of the draft process and serves as a major evaluation tool in addition to the college game-tape. The lead up to the NFL draft is not only a key time for football teams and their football players, but presents a number of fun ways for NFL and college football fans to make money at

East-West Shrine Game

The first event on the calendar for many draft hopefuls is the East-West Shrine Game. The East-West Shrine Game is held in mid-January and pits college seniors from Eastern and Western universities against each other. Some of the best players from different schools receive invites to compete with and against each other. The week of practice and the game are watched closely by NFL scouts, so that pro-teams can gauge how prospects compete against other talented football players. Football bettors can wager on the game online, using their knowledge of how talented each roster is, and the recommended online sportsbooks here.

Senior Bowl

In late January, the week following the East-West Shrine Game, the nation’s best college football players face off in Mobile Alabama in the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl is considered to be a more anticipated and more talented game than the East-West Shrine Game, and usually hosts several first round draft picks and highly regarded players. Those running the Senior Bowl have a highly selective process for inviting players. Players can greatly alter their stock in the week of practice and gameplay. Teams picking near the top of the draft are often given the opportunity to coach the two separate squads, allowing up-close looks at some of the best talent in college football. Betting on the Senior Bowl online is a great opportunity to make money for those knowledgeable about the upcoming draft class.

NFL Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is the most well-known pre-draft event and can often make or break a potential prospect. Every year, certain prospects make millions by showcasing their athleticism at the combines, while other tumble down draft boards due to a poor performance. The weeklong event occurs annually in late February and is held at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Players are broken up into positional groups and are put through events that include the shuttle, bench-press, three-cone-drill, vertical jump, and, most famously, the 40-yard-dash. While many mock use of NFL Combine results to project players, NFL teams still consider it a valuable tool in player evaluation. Players are also subjected to medical evaluations, drug testing, and intelligence tests. Perhaps the most telling aspect of the NFL combine goes on behind closed doors, as NFL teams are able to interview a handful of prospects.

Pro Days

Many players, particularly top prospects, choose not to participate in the NFL Combine, instead choosing to showcase their abilities at their universities pro day. Colleges with potential draft picks host drills open to NFL teams at their universities. Pro days present an opportunity for players who missed the combine due to injury, performed poorly, or simply want to perform in a more comfortable environment. Pro day results are often considered to be inflated and aren’t given the same amount of validity as combine results, since players are able to run on faster tracks. Nonetheless, college pro days are another important step in gauging and ranking potential NFL players.

Football Draft Events Betting

The many events that lead-up to the draft present opportunity for NFL and college football fans to make money with the many prop draft bets and bets on different games online. Following the events closely is also important when it comes to draft day football betting. The East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, NFL Scouting Combine, and pro days are all important aspects of where a player will be selected that can be profitable bets in themselves. Follow along with these events at to know when and where to place your bets and win money on football draft events online.