Albania Betting Tips

Bet Tip: Lay bet Albania with live bet after first goal against

Over/Under score: Take under team goals

Key Numbers: 7 goals in qualifying stage, Euro Cup debutants

Albania stands as the worst bet to win the Euro Cup before the group stages begin. Two factors got them to their first Euro Cup, a strong defense and lots of luck. Their defense achieved a surprising win against Portugal away 0-1, and a turmoil in Serbia awarded them automatic 3 points and 3 goals. Other than that a few draws and 7 total goals qualified them as runner ups, leaving Denmark behind.

Here are Albania’s top 5 goals during the qualifiers, great cross assist passes:

Qualifying Stats

A surprising 0-1 win against Portugal is the best Albania has to boast about during the qualifying stage. Portugal seems to be a team that suffers against strong defenders, remember their double fiasco in the 2004 Euro Cup when they lost against Greece in the group stages and then once more in the final game with a young Ronaldo shooting blacks against the goal.

If you watch the game highlights you will notice the poor striking attempt against Portugal, but with a strong aerial attack power.

In Serbia the game had to be stopped as the public began a riot. The FIFA Court of Arbitration ruled to give the 3 points to Albania with a 0-3 automatic win. That makes for 6 points on away matches.

Here is the video of the riot. It all began with a small drone carrying a national symbol that was taken down by Albanian players, which infuriated the Serbian players and crowd:

Albania Stats

  • Debutants on the Euro Cup
  • Runner ups on group I
  • Took Denmark´s usual place
  • 7 goals in the qualifiers

Great stats for an under bet, just like Romania. Their defense is strong and their games boring. Most of the team just stands back with a double mark on rival key strikers. Albania will not make a move unless they have ball and with the rival team midfield on their back. There are no key strikers of note, so only free kicks or penalties can save them.

Key Players

Only one key player of note and no top club players.

Taulant Xhaka

Taulant Xhaka best

A Swiss young, Taulant Xhaka plays for Basel as a midfielder. His technical skill and confidence with the ball can gain some goals for the team. But this is a one man cavalry against top class players, key marks can easily shatter Albania´s attack attempts.

Gianni de Biasi – Manager

Gianni de Biasi has a long career in Italy, his biggest success was to qualify Modena to the Serie A more than a decade ago. His latest big club management was Udinense in 2010 were he failed to cover expectations. The first Euro Cup qualification is now Biasi´s biggest career achievement.

Not uncommon for a weak coach amongst big names to take a defensive approach, although we do not see Albania being able to hold for long with a zero score.

Bet Tips and Picks

  • Albania team under score – With a 7 overall qualifying stage goals and a defense approach, taking a 2.5 under bet seems a safe approach when offered.
  • Lay bet against Albania – This is a bet on Albania to lose against any rival. Keep an eye on rival score numbers, key strikers and overall attack strategy. Albania might have won against Portugal but Portugal has been lacking a solid defense structure for years.
  • Live bet goals against Albania – I would sit on the live feed screen of Bet365 and bet against Albania if they receive a goal on the first half. Their morale will go down, their rival’s up, and now their coach needs to shuffle defense players to seek a goal, which opens gaps for more rival goals. If they receive a second goal, expect at least a third.
  • Albania will not make it to the Quarterfinals – They won’t make it, at most they will draw one game.