How do I place the same bet like everyone else, but they keep winning with larger amounts, while I on the other hand, place only small bets and still lose all the time?

If you have experienced this situation in your betting life then you are not alone. This is just a learning experience that tells you that is time to move on from your traditional method of betting and find yourself another more efficient and intelligent strategy.

It is important to do probability calculations and determine which bet would end up being more profitable for you by identifying the best odds.

Here are the top 5 betting strategies that you should follow for football betting.


1. Place a Big Bet (famously known as a Goliath Bet)

Goliath, as in David vs Goliath, is synonymous with greatness. Thanks to the Goliath strategy, players who are willing to wager bigger amounts, can get very promising bets.

As the name suggests, Goliath is a big bet. There are 8 betting options and your bet would be divided into a total of 247 different bet types:

  • 28 two-fold accumulator plays
  • 56 three-fold accumulator plays
  • 70 four-fold accumulator plays
  • 56 five-fold accumulator plays
  • 28 six-fold accumulator plays
  • 8 seven-fold accumulator plays
  • 1 eight-fold accumulator plays

In order to win a large amount of money, you need to select any 2 of these 8 choices.

The more choices you predict correctly, the bigger is the amount you win. Therefore, this strategy requires lots of knowledge about football and relies on research, and some luck, of course.

2. Arbitrage betting

Each online sportsbook/bookmaker has a different method of calculation for setting their odds for each match and tournament. Arbitrage betting focuses on finding and exploiting the difference in the odds between the bookmakers.

For example, the odds of Barcelona winning at the betting house A are 1.5 while at betting house B are 3.5, which means that if you want to win $100, then the amount you spend with A will be $66.66, while at B, you will only spend $28.57.

However, in reality, the odds of the betting companies are not always so drastically different. This is why you need to be aware and carefully look into the odds between bookmakers.

While this strategy will take you a lot of time and require lots of hard work, it will be fun and enjoyable as you research and compare the bookmakers.

3. Matched betting

This is a betting strategy where you can monetise the special promotions and bonuses offered by the bookmaker.

These are usually free bets. Instead of betting on the team you think will win, you can put all the possibilities you think that have a chance to win, so you can make a profit regardless for free and with no risk of losing anything.

You have 2 betting options when using matched betting – (i) with real money and (ii) with your bonus.

In addition, you often need to place a nominal bet to qualify for free betting.

To get more money, take your time before selecting a bookmaker to find the best and biggest welcome offers.

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When selecting your sportsbook, pay attention to the following:

  • Deposit bonus
  • Free bets are non-refundable
  • Free bet returns
  • No risk betting

A secret tip: If you want to guarantee maximum returns, you can even use different free betting offers from different bookmakers, and place bets on opposite results.

4. Use price boost

Price boosts are when the dealer offers the odds for a game that is higher than usual. This is a benefit given to users for their loyalty with the sportsbook.

The prices on the exchange will be lower than the price they are offering you, which basically means that you can profit without risking any higher amounts at the same price!

You can typically benefit by earning up to $120 or even more than $180 in just a week by using these live odds boosts!

5. Kelly Criterion

Kelly Criterion is the best football betting strategy from this list.

This is a classic betting strategy that dates back decades. It mainly uses the stock market trading approach. You can follow the same steps for football betting as well.

Before we get into how the Kelly Criterion is used for football betting, we need to emphasize that doing your own research and being knowledgeable about your bets is the most important when following this strategy as you will try to determine the probability of winning.

The tactic helps calculate how much money you risk against the size of the money you current hold.

Sportsbook Bonus

For this strategy to work effectively, you must consider the expected chances of winning to ensure that you place a higher amount with a higher probability of winning and similarly, a lower amount with a lower probability of winning. That is the main purpose of this tactic.

Once you are clear on your goal, you need to do a little math, and apply the following formula:

(bp – q) / b = f

b: odds – it is the multiple of the initial bet that you can take if you win, calculated by a decimal number. For example, if you bet $10 and you are to win $50 including the stake, then your b will be 5.

p: the probability of winning your bet. For example, if you bet with a 60% chance of winning, the probability of winning is 0.60.

q: the probability of losing your bet. Taking the example above, you bet with a 60% chance to win, so the chance of losing is 40%. Therefore, the probability of losing is 0.40. Or you can simply get q = 1 – b.

f: is the final value, if f is a positive number, you should place your bet. If f is a negative number, skip this bet and find another betting option that has favourable odds.

Now, let’s take a look at another example using this formula. For example, you place a bet on Real Madrid and the odds are 5.00. The probability of winning is 60% and the probability of losing is 40%.

This is what the the solution would look like:

f = ((5 x 0.6 – 0.4) / 5 = 0.52 = 52%

With this result, you should bet 52% of your total wallet that you wish to stake on the proposed bet.

Always remember to only bet on positive percentages of values.

So, there you have it. The top 5 strategies for making money on football betting.

There is no clear answer as to which strategy would work the best for you but you will understand that with experience.

Although you may do extensive research and have all the knowledge and tactics in place, do remember that the final outcome of the game/match and whether you win the bet or not depends on various other factors and a portion of luck as well.

Doing research and picking a good strategy helps mitigate your risk and increase your chances to as much as possible in making money when betting.