With the 2016 NFL regular season all done & dusted, all eyes now are on the playoffs to see which among the 12 teams that remain can claim Super Bowl 51. Dallas Cowboys were the first team from the NFC to book their place in the playoff while the Pats emerged with best overall record in the AFC. At the moment the Patriots are almost a shoe-in to emerge as the AFC Champion while the bookies are split between the Falcons, Jints & Packers to emerge as the NFC Champion.

In this piece of article, we are staying from “predicting” the potential winner or any other type of sorcery. Instead, we are going look into Prop Bets & how you can make a decent profit with them this Superbowl season.

What are Prop Bets?

Prop Bets are without doubt one of the highlights of the Super Bowl season. What exactly is a Prop Bet you ask? It is a type of bet or wager that you can make on events which have no influence on the eventual outcome of a particular game. Some of the common in-game related Prop Bets include predicting the number of passing yards, rushing yards or receiving yards of an individual player. As for non-game related Prop Bets, almost anything that happens during the event from the coin toss (Whether it will be heads or tails), to the duration of the national anthem & the color of the Gatorade can be wagered upon.

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Why are Prop Bets so popular?

Superbowl is the most watched event on television each year. On the betting side of things, there is no other event which sees so much gambling, both legal & illegal as in the Superbowl. Even the non-bettors try their hand at gambling during the Superbowl season & prop bets are their preferred choice of the bet. Proposition bets or Prop Bets as they are commonly called can be equally bizarre & fun at the same time. Even when the action on the pitch is dull, some prop bets you’ve made on the game such an announcer saying a particular word “X” times can still keep you intrigued on the game.

Not only the casual bettors but the bookies also have a field day when it comes to prop bets especially during the Superbowl season. Each year the Superbowl brings in a plethora of new bettors who would otherwise stay away from the sport. These new bettors don’t give much thought into the bets they make & more or less in it to fun & be involved. Bookies make the most of this opportunity & offer as many bets possible with lucrative odds. A good amount of money can be made via prop bets if you are willing to invest time in researching your bet.

How to Beat the Bookie with Super Bowl Prop Bets

You can beat them by concentrating on Player Props. These kind of Prop Bets are one of the most profitable bets, especially during the Superbowl Season. An example for a Player Prop would be whether David Johnson can make Over/Under “X” number of touchdowns in a game or Drew Brees can complete “X” number of Passing Yards. It is nearly impossible for the bookies to set lines for each & every player and they mostly set the lines based on a player’s average statistic.

The Bookies are under-prepared & if you are prepared to invest time in doing research on a particular player on how he has performed against a particular opposition, his current form & in short basically using every piece of data available to you then there is money to be made.

Miscellaneous Prop Bets

  • Duration of the National Anthem – Predicting the duration of the National Anthem has become one of the most popular Prop Bets in recent times. Lady Gaga who sang the National Anthem in Superbowl 50 took a time of 2 minutes & 20 seconds, this was considerably longer than the average of the 10 last Superbowls which stand at around 1 minute & 55 seconds.
  • Colour of the Gatorade – The color of the Gatorade which is poured on the winning coach is another favorite among bettors. Orange has been the most popular choice in recent years with 4 out of the last 7 Superbowls witnessing the same. Last year saw coach Gary Kubiak being showered with Orange Gatorade by the Denver Broncos. Yellow & Blue Gatorade are the other popular choices among the winners.

List of Superbowl 50 Prop Bets

If you are still struggling to come to terms with the idea of Prop Bets we hope some of the Superbowl 50 Prop Bets mentioned below will help you understand it better.

  • Will the team that wins the coin toss go on to win the Superbowl? Yes/No
  • How many chicken wings will Buffalo Wild Wings Sell on Superbowl day? Over/Under 12 million
  • What will be the color of Beyonce’s footwear during the halftime show? Black/White/Any Other Colour
  • How many times will “John Fox” be mentioned during the broadcast? Over/Under 1
  • Will there be an Earthquake during the game? Yes/No
  • Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement after the game? Yes/No