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La Liga otherwise known as Spanish Primera Division is the top professional football league in Spain.

The first season of La Liga was played in 1929 with 10 teams contesting in it. Barcelona was the first ever winner of the Spanish Primera Division as they finished 2 points ahead of rivals Real Madrid.

The La Liga is one of the most watched football leagues in the world. 60 teams have played in the La Liga till date but only three of them have played in every single season and they are, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao.

Since 1997 La Liga has 20 top clubs competing in it. La Liga teams have had the most success in European competitions compared to other leagues with 14 Champions League titles among them.

La Liga Betting

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Spanish football league system – La Liga

The Spanish football league system is very similar to the Premier League. The La Liga season starts from August and ends in May with the 20 teams involved playing against each other twice (Home and Away) on a yearly tournament. Every team plays a total of 38 games in a season.

The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the league (duh!). A win fetches you 3 points and a draw gets you one point. For a loss you get absolutely nothing! Zero! “Nada cabrón”!

In case two teams finish with the points then the team with better head to head record in the season stands first. If the teams still can’t be separated then the Goal Difference in their two matches are taken into consideration.

If both the teams still remain inseparable then their goal difference for the entire season is looked at. The last means to separate the teams is by taking into account the total goals scored by teams in the league.

If the teams still remain deadlocked then I don’t know! They may flip the coin or something, but most probably a face to face match will happen which is really unheard of.

If more than two teams are involved in the deadlock then the head to head records of the teams are taken in consideration then the Goal difference and then the total goals scored. As a final judgement fairplay may also be used to pick the winner, having the team with less red cards as the winner.

What does La Liga winner get?

The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the Liga BBVA. The top 4 teams including the winner gets to play in the champions league next season, the top 3 get direct entry into the Champions’ League group stages while the 4th spot team gets placed in the Champions League qualifying round.

The 5th and 6th placed team in a season gets automatic qualification for the Europa League.

The bottom three teams at the end of a season gets relegated to the Segunda Division while the top two teams from the Segunda Division gets automatic qualification to play in the La Liga next season. The third team from Segunda to be promoted is chosen through a play-off tournament.

La Liga title winners list from 1929 – 2014

Atletico Madrid are the current champions of the La Liga winning the 2013/14 season by finishing three points ahead of eventual runner-up Barcelona.

Of the 60 teams to have played in the La Liga till date only 9 of them have won the title. Real Madrid has won the most titles with 32 while Barcelona comes in second with 22 titles.

La Liga Champions till date 2013-2014

Real Madrid – 32

Barcelona – 22

Atletico Madrid – 10

Athletic Bilbao – 8

Valencia -6

Real Sociedad – 2

Deportivo La Coruna – 1

Sevilla – 1

Real Betis – 1

La Liga all time top scorer – Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is La Liga’s all time top scorer with 262 goals (As of January 23rd, 2014) playing for Barcelona from a young age till date.

More La Liga Facts

Barcelona was the first ever champion of the La Liga and the top scorer of the 1st season was Paco Bienzobas with 14 goals.

No teams were relegated in the first season of the La Liga as the bottom team Real Betis won a play-off match vs Segunda Division champions Sevilla to retain their first division status.


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