professional bettorA professional bettor goes through every fact and figure that is available to him and only then will he take a decision to place a bet or not.

Understanding the odds presented before you is crucial, a rookie bettor often bets on matches without thinking whether the odds given to him are the best available option or not.

Consider an Everton vs Charlton match.

The odds for an Everton win is set at 3/5 while the odds of a Charlton win are set at 60/1.

Which is the better bet?

According to the Oddsmaker, Everton has a 63% chance to win the match while Charlton only has less than 2% chance to win the match.

So if you bet 100 Euros on Everton and if they win you’ll get your investment back plus a small winning in return.

But what if you bet on Charlton?

If you bet 10 euros on Charlton and if they manage to win you are sure to get more money than winning the bet with Everton where you risked a 100 Euros.

It’s moments like these were a professional bettor manages to distinguish himself from a rookie.

The professional bettor looks at the several variables that will come into play here before deciding on whom to bet, A few example of the “variables” he will be keeping an eye on are…

  • If Everton will be fielding a weak start?
  • If they will be playing this game with only a two days break from the previous match, which could leave them tired and give Charlton a chance.

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