Money LineMoney Line bets can be used in any sporting event but it is usually used in low scoring sports such as football, baseball, hockey, boxing, tennis and motor sports. Even sports that are more prone to the point spread like American football due to its high scoring system (a game could end 40 – 16) offer the money line.

Money Line in simple terms is betting on the team who you think is going to be the winner. This is the most common type of bet and the easiest to understand. Lets review it through the use of an example.

Suppose the odds for a game are as shown below:

Manchester United: -150

Burnley:                     +145

Here Manchester United is playing Burnley at home, which makes Manchester the favourite to win the match not only for the home advantage but also the experience and strength it poses, hence the (-) minus sign which will always demark the favourite.

Burnley on the other hand is the underdog since it is playing as visitor and it is a historical weaker team, hence the (+) plus signs next to it that will always demark the underdog.

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Money Line on the favourite

  • Manchester United (-150) means that you need to bet 150£ on a Manchester united to win a 100£ purse. A higher probability to win means a smaller purse. The final purse will actually be a total of 250£ (The 150£ you bet and the 100£ you get as a winning).


Money Line on the underdog

  • Burnley (+145) means that you’ll get a winning of 145£ if you bet 100£ on Burnley to beat Manchester United. As this is the underdog, meaning it is unlikely it will win, it gives a higher pay out for the risk taken. The final purse is a total of 245£ in return (The 100£ you bet and the 145£ you get as a winning).

*The difference between the bet you place and the total purse is called a Dime Line.

The dime line in this case is 145£. The dime line increases if one team is heavily favoured over the other and decreases for a team who is stronger than its rival.

What is Pick´em Odds?

Pick’em is special condition of Moneyline betting were both the teams for the money line are considered equally matched in their possibilities of winning.

For example if its Real Madrid vs Barcelona you need to place a bet of 110£ on either Real Madrid or Barcelona in order to win 100£. A 100% even match would appear with odds of 100 on both teams, but sport bookers usually give a small fee to the odds.

In other words you need to bet 110£ on Real Madrid to win 100£ (A total of 210 in return) similarly you need to bet 110£ on Barcelona to win 100£ (A total of 210£ in return).

Why should you bet with money line?

In money line betting the payoffs are based on true odds rather than fixed odds. Betting on the favourites is the way to go but the reward you’ll get in return will be minimum. Betting on the underdogs even though it may be risky can make your wallet happy if your predication comes off.

Let’s look at one more examples for Moneyline betting:

Chelsea:      -270

Fulham:       +350

  • What will happen if you bet on Chelsea to win?

You’ll get 100£ in return for a 270£ bet on Chelsea to beat Fulham


  • What will happen if you bet on Fulham to beat Chelsea?

You’ll get 350£ in return for a 100£ bet on Fulham to beat Chelsea.

Money Line vs. Point Spread in Football Betting

So which is better, the money line or point spread?

There is really no true answer, the selection of either style of odd´s is based on bettor preference.

Money line is a more straight forward bet on the possible winner, but it offers a small reward compared to a point spread bet on the favourite. On the other side a money line bet for the underdog pays more handsomely than the point spread on that same team.

The point spread even´s the match by giving the underdog betting score a few extra points, so even if the team loses it could be a winner bet. This makes it harder to decide on who to bet on, the favourite or the underdog.

In the end it is a bet not between two teams but between the bettor and the sport book that defines the odds. Who is smarter in selecting the proper odds? The bookie or yourself? Beat them on their own game and become a professional sport´s bettor.

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