Who was Maria SantonixIn the month of September, 2005 a young girl named Maria Santonix started a forum thread on the UK blog ExpertBettingAdvice.co.uk called “Maria´s Laying System”.

On her thread she would track her daily lay selections on horse racing from the UK mostly. The thread lasted for nearly a year with regular postings from Maria and in the end when her thread was finally taken off the forum her bank balance had risen from 3,000 Euros to just over 100,000,000 Euros, with the Betfair 5% commission taken into account.

Below users can find actual snap shots or her initial thread and links to her system and entire betting process from day one till the end. 

Maria Santonix, from 3,000€ to 100,000,000€

Maria Santonix was initially believed to be from Latvia, although many forum followers claim she spoke/wrote too fluent english. As people saw the success Maria was having through her thread she acquired many number of admires and almost an equal number of sceptics in the virtual world.

There never was a face to Maria, and from all the pictures that are floating around the web it is impossible to tell who she is. In fact some blogger conspiracy theorists claim she was in fact a man, a famous online horse racing handicapper known from the 90´s till 2011 when he decided to close his own website, Adrian Massey.

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Adrian Massey came before Maria Santonix, he was considered one of the best horse racing handicappers from England and had many followers. The theory that Maria was actually a pen-name for Adrian Massey has logical stems.

The first one is worthy of a detective novel plot; if you take the “MA” from Massey and “RIA” from Adrian you´ve got the name Maria. Secondly is Maria´s perfect english and she coming from Latvia, but comparing Maria´s writting style which is very girly to the serious Adrian Massey, Maria even had better writting skills. But the most intriguing fact is that the forum once named Adrian Massey Forum later became the Maria´s Racing Betting Forum mariasracingforum.com (no longer in existence).

Nonetheless the myth remains in the sports betting community and no answer has been given. Both Maria Santonix and Adrian Massey have dissapeared from the online community. Adrian with a cancer and “personal reasons” to close his site, while Maria has been said to move on with her life gaining a PHD and becoming a professional poker player. But all this is just forum gossip.

Did Maria´s Laying System Work?

Maria Santonix Prediction example

Maria Santonix predictions

Maria was a horse lay bettor and used Betfair to bet. Her system did work and the story of rags to riches is really true. She posted all her predictions hours before the actual race and gained popularity when many followers did earn some money from the tips.

On the right is a screen shot of one of her daily predictions.

Her laying system did work and that is why many research for it online. The original system is posted on the first two posts of the forum, which is no longer online but can be found via the web archive software [1].

Here is a screen shot of the first part of the system with a link to it:

Maria Santonix Laying Original laying system

Problems With Maria Laying System

From the beginning many followers from Maria´s posts began to have trouble with her tips. It wasn´t the system that hada fault or her selections, it was the time of her posting. Maria got to grow her account so rapidly and avoid losses by catching great early odds for her stakes. But by the time of her posting odds had changed and followers would have to contempt with what the bookies gave them.

In the present Live Betting has replaced Pre-Match betting which is the major fault in this system. The determinant factor for Maria´s success was an established system and buying stakes at a suitable price. Live Betting software solved this from bettors and has become the new trend in betting.

But now that you know the Maria story, how many of you know what Laying actually is?

Laying in Football Explained

Suppose Aston Villa is facing Arsenal.

To put a lay on Arsenal means you are actually betting against Arsenal to win the match. So if Arsenal wins the match then you lose your lay (money) and if they lose or draw then you win the lay. So the chances here are far greater for you to win the bet.

What Was Maria’s Secret?

The exact system she used was never revealed but the selection of horses on which she placed her bets were specific. She even claimed that her father had connections with several Sportsbooks and as a result she had a sneak peek into certain information’s which others didn’t have.

The only system that Maria revealed was the staking system she used and it is as follows:

Maria Santonix Laying System Explained

Prices below 3.5:– lay only 1% of the bank – Backer’s stake 30 Euros – My liability = 75 Euros

Price between 3.6 and 7.4:– lay 0.6% of the bank – Backer’s stake 18 Euros – My liability between 46.80 and 115.20 Euros

Price between 7.5 and 11:– lay 0.4% of the bank – backer’s stake 12 Euros – My liability between 78 and 132 Euros.

*At the bottom of this article users can find a direct link to the complete laying system explained by Maria herself.

The staking on show here is good, but it alone will not make you a success story like Maria was. Maria had a good system to work along with this scheme. Another impressive feat by Maria is that she had a strike rate of around 80-85%.

Most of Maria’s hardcore criticisers were in fact people who had tried and failed on her system of stalking, but they hampered with it modifying here and there, so obviously it didn´t give out the same results.

Let’s look at Maria’s Staking Scheme through an example

Remember here the bets are placed against the teams rather than betting on them. Look at the round of EPL matches below:

Chelsea – odds – 1.50 – 30euros – won

Manchester City – 1.4 – 30 Euros – won

Manchester United – 3.40- 24 Euros- won

Burnley – 8.90 – 12 Euros – lost

Stoke city – 7.00 – 18 Euros – won

Everton – 5.00 – 21 Euros – won

Initial Bankroll: – 3,000 Euros

Total win per bets – 5/6

Win % = 83

Profit for the day = 123 Euros.

Total = 3,123 Euros.

*One of the things Maria excelled at if you read her strategy carefully is that she reduced risk by hedging her stakes. Risk Management is an essential aspect for remaining profitable in the sports betting world. One of the best ways to reduce risk to 0% is with Sports Arbitrage, a system that finds opposite odds from two different sportsbooks for the same event, no matter the result the stake comes out in profit.

Where are you Maria?

After her thread were taken off, there hasn’t been much known about her whereabouts. Few threads did appear were accounts claimed to be Maria, but none of them had the success she did, and eventually died out.

So until the day when Maria finally goes public there isn’t much we can know about her and whether her claims were real, but if it was it is one hell of a story.

Maria always believed that the reason for the number of losers in betting to be more as compared to the winners was because people have a tendency to give up too easily.

And on that note I’m finishing up the Maria Santonix Story…

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[1] web.archive.org, Maria Santonix Original Forum Thread, 2005

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