Italian derbies attract the attention of many sports bettors, they are not only exciting, but also an excellent opportunity to make some money following specific betting tips. Here we evaluate trends and past performance to determine the best possible predictions on Italian football.

Betting Tips on Italian Derbies

Betting Tips on Italian Derbies

Derby della Madonnina – 34 games dating back to November 2002, Milan have 16 while Inter have won 14. Their recent head to head record have also been similar, Milan & Inter winning two a piece of their last 6 games. In what used to be a fairly entertaining derby, Under 2.5 has been the trend over the last 10 games.

Derby d’Italia – 35 games dating back to October 2002, Inter have won 11 while Juventus have 14 times. Juventus has had the upper hand in the league by a considerable margin over the last few years. Over 2.5 goals is bet you’ll be able to land in this game more often than not.

Derby del Sole – 20 games in the Serie A since October, 2007. Roma have won 9 while Napoli have won 6. Roma have had the upper hand in recent times & have a cup record of 3-1 against Napoli. The club with the first half lead usually goes onto win the game.

Derby della Mole – 15 games since November 2002, Juventus have won 13 while Torino have won just once. The games have been high scoring affairs so Over 2.5 is a sure shot bet.

Derby della Capitale – 28 games in the Serie A since October, 2002. Roma have 12 wins to their name while Lazio have 7. AS Roma have dominated in recent times & Over 2.5 goals is the best bet for the game. You might want to combine Over 2.5 + BTS.

Derby delle Due Sicilie – 22 games since November 2002, Napoli have won 10 games while Palermo has won 7. Napoli have dominated in the league over the years and Over 2.5 goals is a winner more often than not

Derby della Lanterna – 19 games since November 2002, 7 wins for Genoa while 9 for Sampdoria. The games are highly unpredictable, score wise but the last three games have produced 9 goals in total, three each.

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Betting Tips for Most Popular Serie A Derbies

Juventus vs Fiorentina Derby Betting Tips

Juventus vs Fiorentina – 29 games since November 2004, Juventus have won 15 while Fiorentina have won thrice. Over 2.5 is the bets bet with Fiorentina capable of getting the occasional points at point.

Inter Milan vs Roma – 46 games since November 2002, Inter have 17 wins to their credit while Roma has 15. Recent records are also even but Over 2.5 is a bet which return a win more often than not.

Bogey Teams – Best Italian Derbies to Bet On

These are the best derbies betting tips on the Serie A league. As the games are not the most popular odds tend to be more favorable for the bettor.

Sl.No Club Bogey Team Fact
1 AC Milan Sassuolo In the 8 games these teams have faced each other since January 2014; AC Milan & Sassuolo have won 4 a piece.
2 Inter Milan Sampdoria In the last 15 games in all competitions, Inter Milan have managed just a record of 8 wins, 4 Draws & 3 Wins (Sampdoria have done especially well at home).
3 Napoli Atalanta In the last 6 meetings, Napoli has won just twice & while drawing and losing 2 a piece.
4 Fiorentina Roma In the last 10 games against Roma they’ve won just twice while have lost 7 games

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