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Around September of 2015 we stumbled across a football tipster twitter account that caught our eyes, one reply comment from another famous tipster appraising the amazing results of “In Play Ganador” lured us into checking that account.

In Play Ganador is all about daily In Play bets. His story, or their story, is that of professional punters that know what they doing thanks to early mistakes and the consequent development of a consistently effective betting system. For a very small monthly fee of £10 followers can access their VIP twitter account with half a dozen daily In Play bets almost every day.

This is the story of In Play Ganador:

I started betting in college just for extra pocket money at the weekend. Small change at first but as any gambler knows that quickly escalates.

I then started losing money betting on silly things like virtual horse racing rather than sticking to football betting, from which I was funding my social life in college through.  Soon after I finished college I realized just how much money could be made from betting smart and to win not just to pass time and went full time at football betting.

I was forecast betting on what was due to happen at the weekend and taking big early prices that I through were priced wrong by the bookies. What I learned quickly was that players got injured in training, didn’t get picked to start, the manager only wanted a draw, all these little variables that were letting me down were out of my control.

“That’s when I realized the value to be had of in-play betting, not only did I know the teams or the way they were setup but I knew how the game was going before I placed my bet. I was educating myself on what will happen and not what should happen. Will and should are very different, especially in the betting world.”

Through a contact I met my business partner. He had been doing online tipping for a long long time and is one of the best tipsters online for in-play football. We devised a system and a strict criteria for what must happen in order for us to select a particular bet. It’s proven to be very successful and we now work full time on this.

We always back our own selections and make no money from losing bets or use affiliate links. The reason we charge is that we put hours and hours of research into games that are taking place that day. Researching past games, home and away team records,  previous meetings and the many other stats that let us decide on what games we have in our pool to choose from when they become live.

Sport and Leagues We Focus On


We focus on all the leagues across the world, there is so many in-play markets available on football and it’s on all day every day. The bigger leagues are the most common to bet on but believe us there is more value in the less quality and lower profile games.

The In Play Pros

Football Pro Punters on twitter

Our expertise is in-play betting. The market that we focus on is goals.

One more goal, two more goals, goals before a certain time, clean sheets… etc!!!

“We have specific criteria of what must happen in a game for us to tip a bet. We tend to avoid pre game bets as it there are too many elements that can affect the outcome of the game. In-play trends are very common in football betting.”

Betting Challenges, Do or Do Not?

We used to do challenges in the past, £10 -£100 challenges, the reality is that they are not very successful and it’s extremely difficult to land these types of bets. Fair play to any tipster who can land these on a regular basis.

It’s not a model we will be pursuing on our VIP page, although we do sometimes do these challenges on our free page to showcase our ability.

3 Tips When Following Social Media Tipsters

Top In Play punter

  1. We recommend having a balance that you use and are willing to loose.
  1. If you are betting and you must win in the short term it’s not a good situation to be in, you need to allow for loosing bets. If you start with £100 and risk it on one or two bets you could be out very quickly.
  1. Spread your risk with lower stakes. That means if you hit an unlucky streak you’re not completely goosed. Also, it’s important to keep your stake consistent, win or lose, if you have 4/5 winning bets and you are up £60 to £70 and you decide your luck is in and risk it all, you know what happens then, that one loser comes and wipes you clean out.

Follow In Play Ganador

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