This article is a general view of El Clasico betting, pattern analysis and trends to better decide which betting tip to provide.

The final result in the game will always be a random event, but some aspects like amounts of total goals scored remain the same.

Let’s take a look at the game stats, and some recent history of the Spanish derby.

El Clasico Betting Stats and Highlights

El Clasico Betting

Over and Under betting is usually the safest bet to go when two very competitive clubs face each other with no clear favorites, and this is usually the case with Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

Check out El Clasico betting most recent 25 game stats:

  • Both sides have scored in 19 of the last 25 El Clásicos.
  • Just one Spanish derby has produced no goals in the last decade.
  • From 25 games 3 or more total goals have been produced.
  • Barcelona have won 12 games and Real Madrid 6 in 25 games since 2009.
  • 7 draws in 25 games.
  • Home sides have a slight advantage, 9 games have been won by home teams and 8 by visitors.
  • All time history stats proclaim Real Madrid as a favorite, especially on home games. But looking more deeply into recent stats

Recent Game Results for La Liga

November 21, 2015 Real Madrid 0 – 4 Barcelona

March 22, 2015 Barcelona 2 – 1 Real Madrid

October 25, 2014 Real Madrid 3 – 1 Barcelona

March 03, 2014 Real Madrid 3 – 4 Barcelona

*In the last three games 3 or more goals have been scored, making the 2.5 Over score very attractive.

*Barcelona seems to be on top recently with Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez. A squad that seemingly will outlast Real Madrid’s that hasn’t found a steady base of players, especially if Ronaldo leaves the team by the end of the season, which will clearly give Barcelona the advantage.

Best El Clasico Game

In 2014 the best of El Clasico´s was played in March 23. In that opportunity Barcelona won 4 – 3 against Real Madrid away. Historically Real Madrid has dominated in the Bernabéu, their home ground, but in recent years those stats seem to be equalizing with Barcelona gaining an edge to Real´s all time superiority. Keep in mind for your next El Clasico betting.

Real Madrid 3 – 4 Barcelona

Barcelona Betting

El Clasico Betting

Messi has been key on the scoring rate, when he is around the on target rate is always over 7.3 attempts on target per game for Barcelona and 2.5 attempts from its rivals.

Without Messi the scoring rate does not diminish that much with over 7.0 goal attempts and 3.5 attempts conceded to their rivals.

This makes Barcelona a reliable scoring machine with or without their main super star. Just allow for more goals without Messi than with, and expect around the same amount of goals. 

Real Madrid Betting

El Clasico Betting

The stats here are not much different, with Ronaldo in prime conditions the attempts on target are an average of 7.5. With Ronaldo distracted by the media the average maintains thanks to Benzema and Bale.

What is dangerous on Madrid’s side and a key aspect to consider to select the best bets in El Clasico, is their defensive rival concessions. Their average goals on target from rivals have been above 3.5 all season and rising. This means Real is weak on defense and is only getting weaker while Barcelona has maintained a certain level.

What is El Clasico?

El Clasico, elsewhere in the world is just the word for “derby” in Spanish, but in Spain it refers to The Derby of all times, Real Madrid vs Barcelona.

With no doubt, one of the most watched games in the world for the clash of titans it brings, in 2015 it was: Ronaldo, James Rodriguez, Karim Menzema, Gareth Bale for Real Madrid vs Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez from Barcelona. In the past other superstars like Brazilians Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho clashed in El Clasico, it’s like watching a game between football legends from all over the world.

Usually, each season El Clasico determines which club is more likely to win La Liga, as Real Madrid and Barcelona rarely lose against any other team in the championship but against each other. Whoever wins this derby is a great favorite to win the title. That is why El Clasico betting is such a huge deal for bettors that enjoy eating their nails while they watch.

Evaluating Superstars

Each season will host a greater number of super players from both teams. Betting on who the winner might be in El Clasico cuts down to which players are in better condition and the team performance as a whole.

As an example we will use the present season from this writing 2015/16.

Real Madrid Best Players

El Clasico Betting

Cristiano Ronaldo has been the best of Real ever since he moved from Manchester United in 2009.

This season he scored a rain of goals early on the season, 7 times on his first 3 games and 5 on the first 2 games of the Champions League, after that his scoring amount subsided considerably after team mate injuries like James Rodriguez who is a passing master and a superb creator. Besides, the rumors that this might be his last season with Real Madrid seem to have affected the player’s enthusiasm who might be distracted by the issue.

James Rodriguez has been an incredible creator of goal opportunities and even a talented scorer himself, but a 2 month injury got him out of pace and he is not expected to perform in the same manner.

Karim Benzema has replaced Ronaldo as the striker with more goals, not only on the team but the league as well. In full contrast are his stats with France national team were in the last 12 months he didn’t score one single goal before scoring a double in a recent game of the Euro Cup qualifiers.

Gareth Bale has been on and off in Real Madrid. Sometimes it seems he doesn’t cope to well with his other teammates and he tends to hold too much the ball instead of being a team player. Regardless of that high scoring virtue and fast dribbling are very effective.

Barcelona Best Players

El Clasico Betting

Lionel Messi comes from a very long injury process in which he has missed most the first part of the season and many games with the Argentina national team. His return will be El Clasico coming in cold from the training grounds, not much is expected of him.

History does proclaim Messi as a remarkable player every time he comes back to the field, specially when it comes to El Clasico betting.

Neymar comes in a great condition, both rising Brazil national team´s game play after not playing the first World Cup qualifier games and recently scoring one of the best goals in his career with Barcelona, a hat trick that will make it to the best goals ever in football.

Luis Suarez has been awesome from the first day he set foot on Barcelona, sometimes as an offensive creator and others like a goal striker himself. He tends to stay in the shadows of Neymar and Messi but with equal skills, and is currently rising in the team.

El Clasico Betting Tips

  • Both teams to score.
  • Over 2.5 goals.
  • Barcelona Over 0.5 goals when it stands as championship leader.
  • Real Madrid Over 0.5 goals when it stands as championship leader.
  • There isn´t a clear favoritism on away or home games for El Clasico betting, the stats seem to be drawn and we would think home team´s only gain an advantage when their stats are highly superior during that specific season.
  • Over 0.5 first half goals is also increasingly very popular and accurate.
  • Barcelona to Win, not the most precise of betting tips but following current trend against the historical Barcelona with Messi, Neymar and Suarez in their prime is far superior than Real Madrid, the number of goals score­­­d to Madrid recently is a good indicator.

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