What is a Correct Score Bet?

Correct Score Betting Strategy

The correct score between PSG vs Bastia

A correct score bet is a wager on the final score result from a match, like 2 – 1, 1 – 0 etc. They are very hard to get right but the payout begins with odds of 6 to 1, meaning a £10 pound bet will payout £60 for the most obvious correct scores like 1 – 0 and 2 – 1. Other scores like 3 – 0 and 4 – 1 could payout 10 times or more the initial stake.

Correct Score betting tends to be more popular with people who do not place bets online but in the office, which is a funny fact. Online most bets go for the straight winner or Over/Under bets but rarely do we hear tipsters giving out correct score bets in their picks. The reason is probably because they rarely turn out right and performing an analysis to determine the score of the match is very limited.

You can analyze score average between the teams playing, current scorers stats, historical performances and the average overall league scores, coming close to the final result but at the end guessing the score of a match is like playing roulette; you can´t control 80% of the result.

Nonetheless correct score betting is a little underrated if you ask us and pro bettors should play them more often with their knowledge on money management. If they can properly manage accumulator betting systems they can handle correct scores.

The Most Common Correct Scores

The most common correct scores in European leagues are 2 – 0 and 2 – 1, although for the Premier League this has changed in recent years. 0 – 0 is another very typical correct score although sportsbooks sometimes do not give it as an option in this category, instead this is an independent bet called “Draw no bet”.

Correct Score Strategy

Correct Score betting Ronaldo

Bet the correct score on national teams

Just like accumulators the correct score bet can be and should be applied with strategy. First-off understand that with odds of 6 to 1 you can lose 5 of 6 bets and come out a winner.

As suggested, these type of bets are better done with national teams than with individual clubs.

Try to take teams that are paired-up very similar in skill so you know that the final goal average is between 0 – 0 and 2 – 2 (everything in between). You can expect Portugal to win 6 – 0 against Bosnia but that result would be extremely rare between Portugal vs Spain. So be smart on your selections.

Example: We take 6 correct score bets all with odds of 6 to 1 and a stake of £10:

Bet #1 Stake: £10 Result: Loss | Accumulated loss: – £10

Bet #2 Stake: £10 Result: Loss | Accumulated Loss: – £20

Bet #3 Stake: £10 Result: Loss | Accumulated Loss: – £30

Bet #4 Stake: £10 Result: Loss | Accumulated Loss: – £40

Bet #5 Stake: £10 Result: Loss | Accumulated Loss: – £50

Bet #6 Stake: £10 Result: Win | Final Balance: £10

*The risk in correct score betting is offset with the high payout. The higher the odds you select the more bets you can have the liberty to fail on.

One professional bettor that we follow, Inplay Ganador, once applied a correct score betting strategy of 4 selections with a stake of £20 pounds on each. The odds were sow wild that with one single selection coming out correct the winnings would´ve been of £700 pounds.

So in the end it comes to a comparison of selecting the best odds with a probable result, and when selecting multiple correct scores always keep your stake the same.

For a very complete betting strategy using correct score betting refer to our Football Roulette Betting System, it offers a detailed explanation of how to apply a classic system to this kind of bet.

Note: On our experience correct score betting tends to work out more with national team games, especially during playoffs for the Euro Cup, World Cup Playoffs, and tournaments like the World Cup itself. For clubs it is better applied on international championships like the Europa Cup and Champions League.

Maybe the reason for correct score betting working more on short direct elimination tournaments far better than the regular season championships is that teams play on a more conservative manner. Simple scores like 2 – 0 or 2 – 1 are more favored. To conduct such research it is best to consult websites like Squawka [1], using the Comparison Matrix punters can face two rival teams and determine their latest goal percentage.


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