Everything about handicapping software

The popularity of computer programs among sports bettor is rapidly increasing. Computer handicapping isn’t a new thing it has been around for a number of years. Computer software which claim to give Sports bettor an edge in betting has been gaining fast popularity among the betting community. There are various companies out there that are selling these computer software which according to them helps in guiding us to place bets which have the most chance of occurring.

Can these so called programs be trusted? Like most materials sold on the internet there are some good handiccaping software for sports betting out there which gives us some accurate info based on solid stats backing it, while some are not so good.

There is an initial wrong approach to software handicapping by sport bettors. They think the software is designed to take bets for them, but that is not the case. What the software does is analyze all of the games variables based on a given betting system. The software evaluates a potential bet and will compare winning probability vs the Value in the bet. If the bet is not a Value Bet then the software will suggest to avoid placing a bet and viceversa. But in the end it is the sports bettor who takes the decision.

Pros and Cons With Computer Handicapping

Let’s us understand the Pro’s and Con’s associated with computer handicapping and then make a decision.


1. Accurate With Numbers: One of the foremost advantages of using computer handicapping is the fact you don’t need to do all those big, long, time consuming calculations by yourself as the computer can and will those in a short period of time. Many of those variables are pure math related, statistics crunching and probabilities calculation. Let the box do the work for you.

For example if two matches are happening – Team A vs Team B

You just need to enter the necessary data and the computer tells you who to bet on. In other words it tells you the probability that each team has to winning the game. It also gives us an idea of how many goals can be scored by using past performances as a source of info. There is no question of second-guessing your decision because statically team A is the better bet.

2. Its Fast: The other advantage of using computer handicapping is that it’s faster and better at doing time consuming and tough calculations better than you and error free. The alternative of using a handicapping software is creating an excel sheet yourself with the needed formulas. So you are either an excel savvy geek or use a paying software. These calculations could take over an hour to perform by hand for each betting opportunity. The software automatices work.

Do you want to sit and spent hours with a calcutor and notepad doing your calculations, or do you just want to use a computer? The answer is simple, ain’t it?

A computer always selects a team or bet depending upon the data you’ve given it. So the chances are it will have a higher accuracy of getting bets correctly than a person who has this nagging feeling which tells him to pick the underdog for the game, and more often than not he’ll lose the bet.


There are three key factors which no computer will take into account Human emotions, injuries, current weather. The human factor is the most important factor.

1. Human Emotion: Soccer is a game were an individual performance or a moment of brilliance can changes the match on it’s head. The best example for this would be the Champions League final between Ac Milan and Liverpool in 2005. Milan had the game won 3-0 at half time then something which no sports bettor would think could happened did, Liverpool came back against the best team in Europe and won the game on penalties.

Gerrard who had a questionable first half somehow raised his game to another level in the 2nd half which was the catalyst for his team’s great comeback. These are the moments in sports were all your stats and data go out the window.

2. Weather: Weather can play a crucial role in game for team may play better in rain or star player may find it hard to perform. This is why Live Betting has becomed so popular in recent years with Spread Exchanges like Betfair.

3. Injuries: Injuries from a key player can affect the performance of a team in its entirely. Take into to account the recent injury of James Rodriguez with Real Madrid in the first season of 2015. At first it seemed he was expendable with Isco and Toni Kroos. Real Madrid when onto a fallback in La Liga and an embarrasing defeat in the Champions League by a minor team, even though it manage to moved on to the next phase. James came back and Real began to win comfortably again, he was a determinant factor to the performance of other players like Ronaldo. Computers can´t do these relations so easily and at the same time so crucial.

Computer Handicapping in football Verdict

Computer handicapping is a useful tool in a sports bettors arsenal, but can you trust it all the time? No. Instead use it as a back-up on data and not as a decision making tool.

Computer handicapping will gather more popularity over the coming years and complex algorythms will probably improve its performance. Although recently more advanced software tools have been developed in recent years, like Arbitrage Betting Software that finds opposite odds of a same game from different sportsbooks, eliminating risk of losing completely and securing a profit no matter the result in the match.