Finding the best tipsters to follow for free is sometimes a burden. Most of the websites found on Google will display tipster companies on the first places and those charge a ridiculous amount of money to give the same information than a free tipster. One of the best places to search for the best ones has to be Twitter, mainly because the social platform allows for instant updates that can be viewed via notifications on a smart phone.

We have found most of the tipsters we work with on Twitter and would like to share the best ones here. Some give away their tips for free and others charge a really small fee. The main difference is that those who charge a fee will publish tips the entire day because that is their job instead of a hobby.

This list of tipsters will be updated as we find more, so make sure to save this page on your browser to come back every now and then or subscribe to our mailing list were we introduce new punters that have impressed us. You can also follow our Daily Betting Tips page for free tips.

Betting Buddha

Free tipsters to follow

– 66.5K Followers on Twitter

– Has his own blog

– Publishes tips every day of the week

– High Level of Wins

– Betting Challenges

– Expertise: InPlay Betting

-Twitter Account: @Betting_Buddha

Betting Buddha is first on the list because we follow him like crazy. Most of our daily betting tips that we offer for free come from the Betting Buddha´s Pre Match selections, which are not much compared to his InPlay Betting tips.

We have a feeling Betting Buddha is the most popular tipster on Twitter right now for how easy he is to access. He is online almost every day and provides tips entirely for free. He does miss sometimes off course, with some bad days but generally the week ends in profit.

What makes him a super star are his betting challenges. These challenges are somewhat of a betting strategy were the Buddha attempts to turn £20 into £1,000 in one week. He does it by applying an accumulator system that we analyzed very carefully on our £25 to £1,000 Strategy explanation.

After following him for months we can tell he is from somewhere around Scotland or Northern UK since he is an avid follower of the Scottish Premier League and Wales, aside from the EPL. He does place bets on other football leagues from time and international games like the Champions League, Europa League and national teams.

Ganador Tips

Best Pro Bettors on Twitter

– 9K Followers on Twitter

– Has a new Facebook Page

– Publishes tips every day of the week

– High Level of Wins

– Expertise: InPlay Betting

-Twitter Account: @VipGanador

GanadorTips or InPlay Ganador is a professional inplay bettor that teamed-up with an experienced pro bettor to offer his services. He does charge for his betting tips, a small fee of £10 a month with more beneficial yearly plans. His public channel only gives updates on the outcomes of the daily bets but he does not publish his tips there. Instead he has a private account were all his paying subscribers are, around 200 +.

Almost all of his tips are InPlay bets on all types of leagues as long as they are football related. Sometimes he conducts challenges in the form of Correct Score bets were 1 in 4 wins can give £1,000 dollars from a small stake.

Since he charges for his bets he tends to offer betting tips 8 days a week non-stop.

Edward Russo

Tipster to follow on twitter

– 87 Followers on Twitter

– Does not promote his services openly

– American sports tipster and European Football

– Expertise: Underdog Betting

-Twitter Account: @EdgarRusi

Edward Russo uses a pen name to give out his betting advice since he is American and gambling in his hometown is not exactly fully accepted. He enjoys betting on American sports like the NBA and American Football but he is also very active with European leagues football. His twitter account is not used for sports betting but he does claim to be a professional sports bettor.

We have interviewed Edward Russo first hand and know he has a sound system to select his bets. He has a very different style to Ganador Tips and Betting Buddha in the sense that he does not work full time from his betting career.

Russo does offer his services through private contact but he might negotiate some fee at first.

trebol twitter sports betting tipster

–  Followers on Twitter

– FREE betting tips

– Premier League and South American football

– Expertise: Underdog Betting

-Twitter Account: @trebolapuestas

A pro tipster from Spain with 10 years of experience with his own blog, Trebol Apuestas is one of the most positive tipsters available with a great attitude. He is the guy to go when evaluating the Premier League, European Leagues, South American leagues and minor leagues other tipsters are not looking at. As a betting tip, he suggests opening accounts with Spanish sportsbooks as they offer better promotions and odds than UK or other betting sites that do not dig in so much into the Spanish leagues and sports.

This site is in spanish, but go ahead and contact  for a betting tip on his social media accounts.

Tips with paying odds above $1.80, average bet of $2.35 and 10.5% yield. His motto is “Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”.