Nigeria is one of Africa’s leading nation when it comes to football. Their national league is one of the strongest in the continent with local players ending in European leagues on a regular basis. Access to sports betting sites has sparked the interest of young Nigerians wanting to test their football skills online and win series 4 digit numbers with online betting. This is why we decided to present the 4 best football betting sites for Nigeria.

1. Bet365 – The Best Football Betting Site for Nigeria

9.8/10 Rating

4 Best Nigerian Football Betting Sites

Bet365 is not only the best football betting site for Nigeria, most of the world begins their online betting journey with this popular site. Nigerian players are accepted and most of Africa, all deposits can be made in via credit card and other e-wallet options. The site is as safe as it could ever be, payments are the fastest in the market and they offer various methods of cashing out.

For sports betting in Africa Bet365 offers a $100 first deposit bonus. Registered users will receive special offers and cash-backs during popular match games, like Champions Leagues finals, World Cup etc.

Another advantage by beginning your sports betting journey with Bet365 is most Twitter punters use it for their free advice, and although they do not offer the best odds in the market (they pay the least for every bet won compared to other sports betting websites), it does offer the best bonuses.

Recommended if you are a beginner and follow a tipster.

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2. 888Sports – Triple Your First Bet!

9.2/10 – Rating

888sports offers a very unique betting option for first time bettors. Nigerian bettors can open an account and make a large first bet (or small), if they win whatever the amount won will be tripled! This only happens on the very first bet though, so our suggestion would be to make that first bet on a match you know the probable result and bet high.

Additional to this great offer 888sports will give $2,000USD to the Nigerian bettor that scores the most comp points every week. The bigger the odds of your winning bets, the more likely you are to win the $2k!

3. Winner Sports  – Nigerians Betting on American Sports

8.5/10 – Rating

Best Sports Betting Sites Nigeria

Winner Sports is a traditional sportsbook that has been around for a while. Located in Panama, it aims to American players but it is also available for Nigerian players.

The odds are standard and more sports in offer are American, like NFL, NCAA, NBA, MBL etc.

This is a great variation to English betting sites to focus most on football leagues, here you go a bit deeper into college sports and the American style of betting. Super recommended to bet on the Super Bowl.

4. WinnerSports – Not the Best of Sportsbooks, but Great Bonus Offers

7/10 – Rating

Winners Sports is a site Nigerian players need to keep an eye on, but not just for their great bonus offers. WinnerSports tends to offer the best odds in the market and great deposit offers. They will double your investment and players have claimed on making thousands of dollars in just a few weeks.

Like all sportsbooks, they have conditions on retrieving any earning, and Winner Sports is a bit tricky. Disgruntled users have reported bonus offers that request the player to 10 fold their balance in just a week time in order to claim any winnings from it. This could actually happen, it is not uncommon, but a little bit unfair. Just read the terms and conditions before claiming a super bonus, regardless, players should stick to the favorable odds and ditch the bonus offers, this way WinnerSports is safe and a great option for serious African bettors.

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