asian handicap bettingAsian Handicap betting can easily understood if I put it this way – It’s the cool new kid in school and every girl has an eye on him.

Asian Handicapping has managed to acquire a similar status in the online betting world.

It originated from Indonesia and hence the name (duh!). It is the most preferred betting scheme in Asia but it’s winning over bettors from Europe as well. There is a good simple reason for its rapidly increasing popularity.

The bettor only needs to choose from two possible outcomes in the game – Win or lose, In other words both teams are given an equal chance of winning at the start of the match. Both the teams are presented as equals in the eyes of the bettors by giving a points or goal advantage to the weaker team before the start of play, something similar to point spreads.

How are Asian Handicapping odds determined?

The odds for the teams are determined according to their current run of form. In normal betting there are three possible outcomes: – Win, Draw or Lose. So mathematically there is a 33.33333(I hate 3’s) 333% chance for the game to have each of the three results.

However, in Asian Handicapping the possibility of a Draw does not arise and hence bettors have a better chance of testing their luck. In other words, the Asian Handicap bet offers lesser risks and better rewards.

The most annoying bit about Asian Handicapping is that there are quite a few lines which are available, so it’s easy to get confused but once you get the hang of it you shouldn’t any trouble betting in it like hell.

Let’s take a look at some of the lines that are available on Asian Handicap Bets


Team result Bet result Handicap Team result       

        Bet result





Draw Refund


Win Win Win


-0.25 Draw Lose Half +0.25 Draw

Half Win


Lose Defeat



Win Win



Draw Lose +0.50 Draw


Defeat Lose Defeat Lose
Win by 2 goals win Win by 2 goals



Win by 1 goal Win half +0.75 Draw Win
Draw Lose Lose by 1

Lose half

Defeat Lose Lose by 2 goals Lose


Similar to these are the lines for 1,1.25,1.5,1.75,2,2.25 etc….

Asian Handicapping example

Everton is facing Manchester City at Wembley.

The odds for an Everton win is set at 1.95 while the odds for a Manchester City win is set at 1.90.

Let’s put money on the underdogs, Everton to pick up the win. We bet 100 Euros on Everton to go on to upset Manchester City and win.

Then you will get in return 1.95*100 = 195 Euros

Similarly if you had placed your money on City to win the match and they managed to do so, you will get 1.90*100 = 190 Euros in return.

Here, no Handicaps were given because the Oddsmaker saw that both teams had an equal chance at winning.

Let’s look at another example one with a Handicap:

Liverpool is facing Swansea City at Anfield.

The odds for a Liverpool victory are at 1.90 while the odds for a Swansea City victory is at 1.80, here the Swans are given a slight advantage of -0.25 as handicap so that the teams look even before the match starts.

If you had bet 100 Euros on Liverpool and if they won, you would get a total of 100*1.90 = 190 Euros as return.

Now if you bet 100 Euros on Swansea City and they win, you will get 100 *1.85 = 185 Euros in return

If the match had ended as a draw, then half of your bet, which is 50 Euros, is returned back to you and the other half is multiplied to the odds,  so you get (50 * 1.85 = 92.5$) in return. So the total you get when the teams drew is 142.5 Euros (Half won). This is because Swansea was given the advantage.

Why use the Asian Handicapping Bet?

So it’s clear why Asian Handicapping has been gathering the popularity at the pace it has been, the risks are less when compared with the other betting schemes and the reward you get is pretty attractive.

So what are you waiting for?

Go on to explore the world of Asian Handicaps, and if you have any doubts you know where to come, don’t you?

No! No! Don’t Google it. Come to, it’s what we do.

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