Learn how to work accumulator odds

Calculating odds is always a headache for the new bettor, but it is easier than it looks with a simple math that can be performed in excel or a calculator. How to work out Accumulator Odds is no different from a single bet, o just have to multiply together the odds from each individual selection to figure out the payout.

  • What is an accumulator bet? Make sure you know what you are doing before taking any risks.

Here is an example with a 4x accumulator on football:

Match Result Bet Type Decimal Odds
Chelsea 2 – 0 Fulham Chelsea to win 1.4
Stoke 3 – 1 Leicester Leicester to lose 1.5
United 0 – 1 Liverpool Liverpool to Win 3
Arsenal 3 – 2Manchester City Over 4.5 Goals 5

Let’s assume we are placing a 4x accumulator bet with a £5.00 stake. Here are the calculations:

  • £2.00 * 1.4 * 1.5 * 3 * 5 = £63.00 return
  • Although we suggest to remove the stake from the equation, so subtract £2.00 from your calculation.
  • That is 300% in profit, or in odds format 30.00

In fractional format it would be:

  • £2.00 * (2/5 + 1) * (1/2 + 1) * (4/1 + 1) = £63.00

To work out the accumulator odds all you need to do is multiply all of the different bets together, it’s almost no different than from a decimal odd calculation or fractional.

Accumulator Odds Calculator

There are many accumulator odds calculators online to figure out your payout or odds. We like using the one on OddsChecker. But there really is no need if you have a sportsbook´s account open, you can just select bets on the betting slip and the possible payout will be calculated almost immediately.

It is important to check for value on each selection before taking an accumulator bet, you do not want to take one just because you are feeling lucky. Make each one count.

What Happens if I Lose a Selection in an Accumulator Bet?

Lose one bet from your string of selections and the whole thing is lost.

This is the downside of Accumulator bets, the risk goes up with the increasing number of selections, but the payout increases. In the example above if Liverpool had not won against United you would have lost your £2.00 pounds.

How to Work Out Each Way Accumulators


Each Way is a bet selection that allows bettors to win the bet if their selection comes in first second. Best used in horseracing or other race sports, were the contestants come in first, second or lower. In horseracing an each way bet would be betting on a horse to Win or come in Place (second).

In football however each way bets are given for tournaments, for a certain club to Win the tournament or at least come in runner-ups or second.

Here is an example of an each way bet:

Stake: £20.00 Each Way bet

*Note: With Each Way your stake is split into the two outcomes, so you are actually staking £10.00 twice.

  • Manchester City to Win the Premier League: 12.00 odds
  • Manchester City to come Runner-Ups: 3.0 odds

If Manchester City wins the Premier League we win 12 x £10.00 = £120.00 + £30.00 for the second bet = £150.00

In case Manchester City comes in second we win 3 x £10.00 = £30.00 and after taking out our stake we´ve got £10.00 in profit.

So what about accumulators in Each Way betting?

Each Way betting accumulators in football are not common, you would need to bet on several different league winners or first match scorer´s from several games to organize an accumulator in this sport.

These are more common in horseracing, as many races happen during the same day allowing you to select the possible winner or place holders for each race.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is a bet that combines many different bets into a single selection, thus increasing the payout odds but also the risk.

A bet becomes an accumulator when more than 2 bets are taken in a single betting slip, although the 2x bet is referred to as a double and a 3x as a Trixie. From there on bettors refer to them as accumulators with different exotic named like the ones mentioned on our Accumulator Betting Systems section.

KEEP IN MIND: Accumulators lose when one of your selections fails to win. So the chances of getting one right are slim when you have more than 4 selections.

5 Accumulator Betting Tips and Strategies

1.Do not take more than 4x accumulators.

2. Use a small stake so the collateral damage is small.

3. For ridiculously long accumulators, like a 10x, make the wager as small as £5.00 or even £2.00, the payout could be in the thousands or even millions of pounds depending on the odds.

4. Take opposite single bets with another sportsbook to hedge a little in case of losing.

5. Use a reversed martingale technique with your accumulators: Win a single, wind a double, win a Trixie and so on until the accumulator fails. Once it does start over again. This technique ensures you only increase the risk with the initial small stake size while exponentially increasing your possible payout. Make sure to take out some winnings after each bet to secure profits.

The £25.00 to £1,000 betting system is an accumulator technique used in a single betting format. It is very effective and we are keeping close tabs on its performance for future reference.